10 Signs That You are Overwhelmed and How to Fix It

10 Signs That You are Overwhelmed and How to Fix It

Each and every day we are faced with tasks, situations, and thoughts that can completely overwhelm us and we may not even realize that we are overwhelmed. This post is going to give you 10 signs that you’re overwhelmed and how you can fix it.

I know you may feel tired, moody and unmotivated but I hope that this post will give you some tips and tricks to help you with the overwhelm you are feeling!

1. You Have Difficulty Sleeping Too Much or Too Little

When you have so much going on it can be difficult to relax once you get into bed and you can find it very difficult to sleep. It can also be the opposite, you’re body can just shut down and sleep for hours on end not wanting to get up and face the day.

How can you fix it?

  • Practice relaxation exercises. You can find some on YouTube or online!
  • Creating a nighttime routine can really help. It trains your brain that certain times are for certain things to do. For example, have a bath, get into bed, listen to some music and then try to get some sleep. Doing this at the same time every night will train your brain and create a pattern.
  • Use lavender oil! This essential oil has amazing relaxing properties and I absolutely love using this to help me when I struggle to sleep! Just dab it on your wrists, behind your ears or even a tiny drop right on your pillow and you are good to go!

2. You’re Always Tired

How can you fix it?

  • Eating healthy foods that give you energy. Foods such as bananas eggs, brown rice, apples, and fatty fish are just some great examples of energizing foods that can get you going.
  • Get up and exercise! Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that help you feel ready for the day and wakes you up.  

3. You Are Lacking Energy

How can you fix it?

  • Tips above will apply
  • Make sure you are eating foods that provide a slow release of energy throughout the day.
  • Exercise will pump feel-good endorphins through your body after working out so you will definitely have more the day.

4. You’re Very Anxious

How can you fix it?

  • Take little breaks throughout the day
  • Limit or avoid alcohol
  • Exercise

5. You’re Stressed Out  

How can you fix it?

  • Take a mental health day off work

Some days we just need a nice day off where we can practice some self-care or just curl up in bed and have a relaxing day watching tv.

Have a day off. It can really help!

  • Break up large tasks into small ones

Breaking large tasks into smaller ones really help me when I’m stressed and overwhelmed. As you begin to complete these small tasks it will make you even more motivated to check each task off.

6. Loss of appetite or overeating.

How can you fix it?

  • Create an eating routine

Just like a sleeping routine. Start an eating routine where you eat at certain times during the day even if it’s just something small. This will get your stomach into a routine and if you miss one of those snacks or meals you will become hungry which will remind you to eat and keep your routine going.

  • Eat small snacks throughout the day and have a large meal when you are hungry.

7. You have difficulty focusing.

How can you fix it?

  • Have a plan of action

Having a to-do list is a great source of motivation to get you through the day. You know exactly what you need to get done during the day and it keeps you focused.

  • Check off the tasks that you have on your to-do list when you complete it

It’s such a great feeling when you are able to tick off something from your list. It fills you with motivation to continue to check off certain tasks! It’s such a great way to feel good.

  • Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks when you start to become distracted will be more beneficial to your to-do list than spending hours on one task due to being distracted every ten minutes.

8. Lack of motivation.

How can you fix it?

  • Tasks above can apply
  • Practice self-care

Taking care of yourself is such huge importance in your life. If you aren’t practicing self-care you need to start because it will give you a break from your day to day tasks and it will make you feel like a new person each and every day.

9. You’re keeping to yourself.

How can you fix it?

  • Realize that it’s okay to take time for yourself

Taking time for yourself is so important but just make sure you aren’t becoming a recluse. I enjoy being alone when I am overwhelmed and I just enjoy the quiet and process what is going through my mind and figure out a solution to my problems.

  • Do the activities that you love.

No matter what it is. Take time out and do something that you love. I always love watching movies, listening to music or reading when I become overwhelmed.

  • Practice self-care

10. You are moody or highly emotional.

How can you fix it?

  • Speak with your doctor if you’re feeling depressed

If you are sad and very emotional for long periods of time I really suggest that you go speak to your doctor. You may need some medicinal options to help you get out of this slump.

  • Talk to a friend

A problem shared is a problem halved. Trust me speaking to someone you trust and love can really help get things off your chest and mind.

  • Think about counseling

You may need to see a professional to help you get through this tough time. The counselor will be able to teach you certain techniques to help you be able to deal with your overwhelm so much better.

I know that it can be difficult to ask for help but if you are feeling like this and have tried all of the above then I truly urge you to visit your doctor and discuss how you feel. It’s so important that you take care of yourself so please make sure that you do so.

With love,

Anne xxx  

About the Author…

Anne is from Ireland where she is taking time off after school to focus on her mental health. She is also an assistant at Quiet Nonsense and runs her own blog www.foreverthewanderer.ie with topics including travel, mental health and so much more. Anne dreams of/ is working towards becoming a professional blogger.

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