13 Last Minute Costume Ideas

13 Last Minute Costume Ideas

Time flies by quickly and, before you know it, Halloween is here. If you’re like me, you probably put things off to the last minute, including your Halloween costume. Let me introduce you to the article that will save your life. Here are thirteen costume ideas for my fellow procrastinators!


Costume 1: Cat Lady

If you’re already obsessed with cats in real life you should have these items lying around. All you’ll need is bathrobe, some stuffed cats, and hair curlers. These can all be purchased at your local Target or Walmart. Just attach the cats the bathrobe using some safety pins, add the curlers to your hair, and voila!


Costume 2: Grape

I know, I know. This costume sounds really stupid, but you don’t have time to criticize my ideas! So go grab some purple or green balloons and a huge roll of duct tape ASAP, because time is running out.

Step 1: Die from blowing up all those balloons

Step 2: Attach balloons to clothes using the duct tape

So easy!


Costume 3: Error 404: Costume Not Found

Are you over all the elaborate costumes everyone else’s planning to wear this year? Just grab a white t-shirt and a fabric marker. Now write “Error 404: Costume Not Found”. If you are still too lazy, you can buy the shirt on Amazon. Error Shirt – $12.94.


Costume 4: Milkshake

This costume is really the cherry on top. You’ll need a white, pink, or brown dress (depending on which flavor of milkshake you’d like to be), and pair of shoes to match. For the whipped cream and cherry, you can glue a red ball to a white baseball cap and wear it backwards.


Costume 5: Jellyfish

The costume is perfect for when it’s raining on Halloween day. Grab an umbrella, attach some streamers (available at Target), and go dance in the rain.


Costume 6: Sushi

What’s more fun than dressing up as a piece of raw fish for Halloween?! You’ll need a white dress for the rice, red or orange pillow for the fish, and a green or black scarf for the seaweed. Just use the scarf to tie the pillow around your back.


Costume 7: The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette always seems to have extraordinary dresses. Now it’s your turn to wow the crowd. You’ll need a stunning dress. If you don’t have one, I have a couple favorite that can be found on Amazon. Dress 1 – $25.60 Dress 2 – $11.88 Dress 3 – $9.99. Next, you’ll need a pair fancy heels and, of course, a rose. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be giving that rose to a special someone this Halloween.


Costume 8: Bunny

This costume may be a tad overdone. It’s appeared in many popular movies. There’s a reason for that though. This costume is simple and adorable. You’ll need a pink skirt, white shirt, and a pair of white heels. You could also wear a white or pink dress. For the finishing touch, you’ll need to find your old bunny ears and tail left over from Easter. If you don’t celebrate Easter, you can also buy both products from Amazon. Bunny Tail – $5.63 Bunny Ears – $5.29


Costume 9: Angel & Devil

Are you sweet and innocent but your best friend is not? If so then this is the perfect costume for you guys. For the angel, you’ll need a white dress, shoes, and wings. If you don’t have a pair of white wings you can buy them on Amazon. Angel Wings – $7.89. For the devil, you’ll need a red dress, black boots, and red devil horns. The horns can be made using a headband and some red felt or you can buy them on Amazon. Devil Horns – $8.95  


Costume 10: Kermit the Frog (sipping tea)

How many of you know the hilarious and sarcastic meme of Kermit the Frog sipping tea (Truth Tea Kermit)? Well if you know and love it then this costume is for you. Grab a green shirt, some black leggings, and some black felt. All you need to do is cut the felt into triangles and then glue it onto the shirt. To perfect this costume, grab a tea cup and a bag of Lipton tea. Now all you need to do is achieve that perfect Kermit look. *mhm*


Costume 11: Dracula

Were you planning on dressing scary this Halloween? If being absolutely adorable just isn’t your thing, then you’ll definitely vant to try zis costume. A black dress, shoes, and sheet/blanket (for the cape) are all that is needed clothing wise. For your face, some fake blood from your local drug store will work. Happy haunting!


Costume 12: Minnie Mouse

This costume is one of my favorites. It’s a great way to use the Minnie Mouse ears you got this summer at Disneyland and have no use for. All you need is a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, a red or black dress, and a bit a makeup to complete the look. You can watch how to create the makeup look here.


Costume 13: Pop Art Character

The final costume is for my makeup enthusiasts. Besides a neon outfit, this look is primarily makeup. For the look, you’ll need a brow pencil, liquid black eyeliner, white eyeliner, and red lipstick. You can watch how to create the makeup look here.  


Take some pictures and share them with us in the comments! We’d love to see what you guys can come up with!





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