20 Things I Swear to Do in My Twenties

20 Things I Swear to Do in My Twenties

My teens were turbulent years for me, more turbulent than I would’ve liked. I experienced many great victories, but I also saw quite a few times of serious darkness and sadness.


It’s my hope my twenties, which start today, will represent a concept that was almost nonexistent during my teen years: consistency.


Life is absolutely crazy and unpredictable; that’s not what I’m hoping to change. I’m simply hoping to have a better hold over the things that I can control. For example, I can control how much I work out, what I eat, and what dreams I pursue.


Working toward creating consistency in those areas of my life is a major goal for my twenties. It will take a lot of self-discipline, but I know it’s doable!


In addition, I’ve also made a list of 20 things I’m swearing to do in my twenties:


  1. Visit Seattle
  2. Say hi to ‘Delilah’ in New York City
  3. Return to the Netherlands
  4. Visit the Swiss Alps
  5. Get my Masters Degree in Physics
  6. Visit Greece and Rome
  7. Tour France
  8. Finish the two novels I’ve started writing
  9. Maintain a healthy weight
  10. Improve my physical fitness and abilities
  11. Release my music album
  12. Launch a new blogging company
  13. Visit Auschwitz
  14. Read more books
  15. See some of the finest art of all time
  16. Make more friends
  17. Continue to develop and work on the current relationships I have
  18. Buy a piano or keyboard and get back to playing the piano
  19. Continue to expand my mind by introducing myself to new and challenging life and intellectual concepts
  20. Do a cross-country road-trip


My twenties are going to be roaring with self-discovery and fun! I never want to stop learning. When you stop learning, you stop growing…and I don’t think anyone wants to be stagnant.


Before I go, let me say thank you to everyone who helped get me to this point in my life and to those of you who are going to help take me even further (you know who you are).


You guys are great and it takes some real hard work and dedication to stick with someone through it all. Just know that I see you, appreciate you, and will do the same for you. <3


Here’s to my twenties being the best years of my life thus far!


Talk soon!


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    1. haha!! That’s funny!

      Well it can’t be all bad, supposedly it’s the best kind of personality for handling stress! Is this true??? Give me your secret! LOL(:

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