5 Beautiful Nail Polishes for Spring Fashion

This is probably one of my favorite series that I’ve started recently. I love colors and fashion, and especially being able to express art through makeup and what I wear.

I am forever indecisive when it comes to my nails though, and I get tired of one color super quick. By the time my nails are chipping and fading I’m ready for a different vibe, ya feel?

Plus, this is now spring time! I am so excited to bring some fun, bright, and beautiful nail colors and color combos to the blog. I’ve got an interesting mix of polishes to share, so buckle up and adjust your mirrors for this one.

Is neon pastel a thing?

This pairing is perfecto for Easter! It’s so bright and cheery, and it looks like you are wearing peeps. It can’t get a whole lot better than that.

Since I like to do these nail looks all in one day, one after the other, I don’t apply a top coat. It just speeds the process up a little bit and doesn’t waste polish for no reason.

However, for this first look, I did use a shiny top coat. I would’ve used a matte top coat if I had one, because the lavenpink (yes I just made up a term for a color that is equally lavender and pink) is a matte shade. Without a top coat, though, this polish gets very dull; it looks so much better with a matte or glossy top coat.

Featuring Matte About U from Fresh Paint and Let’s Meet from Sinful Colors, this super springy look makes every colorful dress you wear even more beautiful.

Matte About U is an extraordinary color that looks different in every light. Sometimes it pulls more lavender, and you’re like “there’s no doubt; it’s lavender”. Then you might wear it with a purple shirt and then you say “oh, no it’s definitely pink”.

To me, the question remains whether it’s a pink or purple. I really like to be able to shift the appearance of this color depending on what look I’m going for. I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

Let’s Meet, on the other hand, is a beautiful sunny yellow that just screams spring and summer to me. Light yellow happens to be one of my favorite colors, this nail polish is very close to being my favorite.

I don’t actually wear it very often, but when I do, it always puts me in a better mood. It’s my happy color. *shrug emoji* I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

This look is so easy to make even more Easter-y. You could take a dotting tool and add some hot pink or light blue dots on different nails to make them look like Easter eggs.

You could also add some cute little flowers on an accent nail. The sky is the limit!

Baby blues

I love love LOVE this style. It’s so delicate, simple, and wearable. It practically goes with anything. Spring is the season of new life and these baby pastel colors really reflect that aura of fresh, brand newness. As all of these, if you’re talented with nail styles AND matching them to both hands, this look would be so pretty with gold or silver accents.

Spring and early summer are also the perfect times for weddings. This nail pairing is one that I love to wear at weddings, or even baby showers. Ya know, the whole, baby pink for girls and baby blue for boys theme is pretty clear when it’s on your nails.

Bikini from Pure Ice is a classic light blue with almost a grey tinge to it. It’s a very pale baby blue that pairs so well with so many polishes. I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

Sugar Coat from wet ‘n’ wild! Yes! This shade is everything. The name is spot on, too. It looks like a light strawberry glaze on a donut. Man, I’m getting hungry.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about this polish. It is great for a pretty and delicate french manicure. I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

Chartreuse sparkle and shine

I’m really stepping outside of the box with this one. Lots of people go for different colors and patterns, and I’m not usually one of them. However, I’ve had this lime polish for a few years and I’ve only worn it once or twice. I figured it was about time I put it to good use.

I’m really glad I did because this pairing is so cool! It’s totally springy and goes with your wardrobe whether it’s all black, or beautiful sundresses!

Trip of a Lime Time from China Glaze is a yellow green color with an ultra glossy finish. It is sheer, so it takes a few coats to get full opacity. It’s an interesting color because in some lights it looks more yellow, and in other lights it looks more green. I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

I also used a matte top coat over top. I love the way that it adds different texture to this nail design.

Tokyo Pearl from Sinful Colors is an ultra metallic silver polish. It is not completely opaque, however, it is really a stunning shade. It’s a typical silvery and reflective white-ish polish. I used 2 coats to achieve this opacity.

Lime Green Glitter from Nubar is the glittery shade in this look. The thing I love most about this glitter is that the brush is super thin and long. It makes it really easy to do lines or small dots.

In trying to find this nail polish online, I could not find much, however, the brand Nubar seems to have quite the array of other colors and glitters. I’m going to try more polishes from this brand in the future. I’m so curious to see the other formulas and colors of theirs.

We love a nude peach

Honestly, I didn’t think I would love this pairing as much as I do! It’s so simple and casual, it goes with anything. This nude is such a unique color. Never Go Out Of Style by Fresh Paint has more hints of grey with a red undertone that compliments my own skin color so well, I have to wear it more often! The fact that it has red undertones makes it mesh so well with the peach polish.

I used one coat to achieve this opacity. Keep your eye out for following articles in this series because I’ll probably be using the nude in more of these.

Happy Hour from Pure Ice is a delicious bright peach that looks amazing on everyone. I was just looking at swatches online of this shade because it’s so unique, and I realized that this looks so good on the palest of skin tones, and the deepest chocolatey skin tones as well!

I’ve had this particular polish for over 5 years and it still performs just as well as when I first bought it. It’s kind of a hard shade to pair up because it stands out so nicely on it’s own.

I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

Silvery queeeen

I really need to start getting nail polishes and makeup that isn’t discontinued. It seems that this one is also not being sold anymore, which is SO SAD. It’s a beautiful light peach shade that is uber reflective. Orly Chantilly Peach is a sheer metallic polish and when I painted my nails and even after the two coats I used, it was still slightly sheer.

On the nails, it is very flattering and delicate. When choosing a metallic nail polish, I often feel like I can only wear silver or gold jewelry, but not both- especially not rose gold!

This nail polish is different though. It is a sort of silvery pinky peach that matches all jewelry colors. I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

I haven’t been able to find this shade on Orly’s website, but I did find Moon Dust, which is a very similar polish. It is described as a peach metallic foiled color. I have my suspicion that it is a new and improved version of Chantilly Peach.  

Final thoughts

Let me know which of these combos or colors is your favorite, and which ones you want to try out. I had so much fun creating these looks that I’ve never tried before. It really took me out of my style comfort zone that I usually stick to. Be prepared for a summer edition in the upcoming months and maybe a few extras for some patriotic holidays.

In the meantime,

Happy painting!


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