5 Exclusive Products from Ulta and Sephora That You Have to Try

Makeup is a guilty pleasure of mine. Maybe you’re a makeup lover just like me or maybe you have never worn it a day in your life. Either way, you have come to the right place to learn more about specific brands and products!

When comparing the two stores, Ulta and Sephora, and which store I want to visit that day I look at what products each store has that the other doesn’t. Then I compare it to my list and off I go! Now, just for you,  I have compiled 5 exclusive products at Ulta or Sephora that are to die for!

Ulta Exclusives

Ulta is heaven in a building when it comes to selecting makeup products. Every time I walk into Ulta I can’t ever leave empty handed! Each aisle has a new excitement, each brand a new discount!

Below are 5 exclusive products from Ulta that you cannot find at Sephora. Yes, you heard right… they’re only sold at Ulta (and of course online)!!!

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie cosmetics
Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

If you’re a fan of Kylie Jenner and follow her beauty line Kylie Cosmetics then you know that she made the decision to launch Kylie Cosmetics on Nov. 17, 2018, only at Ulta!! Just in time for the holidays!

Kylie has started selling her highest payoff- her Lip Kits, in-store and online at Ulta only.

If you’re looking for something for your lips then Kylie’s Matte Lip Kit is my fav! She has multiple options in color from matte pinks, nudes, browns, and even bold colors- blue, green, purple, black, etc.!!

IT Brushes

Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

Looking for new makeup brushes and unsure of a good quality brand? The IT Cosmetic brush line is by far my favorite line of brushes there is.

A couple of years ago, I was going through my mom’s trunk of makeup and found a bronzer brush by them and, of course, I stole it and used it for myself! In case you’re wondering, I never gave the brush back.

The bristles are exceptionally soft and smooth. Whatever product you have on, it goes on smoothly and it feels like a million feathers just brushing your face at each stroke. Personally, I think this entire brush collection is 10/10.

Dose of Colors

Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

I have never loved a product as much as I love Dose of Color Matte Lips.

Ever hate when you’re putting on lipstick and as you’re putting it on and it smears or starts to bleed? Well, I have found the one lipstick that I will swear by; Dose of Color glides on so easy and doesn’t smear or bleed all over your lips

I never go a day without throwing on some lipstick from this brand. They have so many options in color and once you apply the lipstick you might as well fall in love with the product.

Colour Pop

Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

After only being able to purchase online, Colour Pop finally made it to Ulta a couple years back!

I can remember ordering online and getting my package in the mail and the package being the absolute cutest. When I first heard of Colour Pop it was from their Highlighters. So, I naturally went and bought some.

I LOVE THEM. The highlighters come in a cute little round pot and if you’re a lover of cream highlighters then Colour Pop will be your new best friend. <3

The pigment and shine when you put the highlight on is stunning. They have way more products but let’s be honest… we all love a fabulous highlighter, especially if your highlight can be seen miles away! Can I get an amen?


Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

From being online only, to finally coming to an Ulta near you, Morphe is hands down one of my favorite makeup brands. With collabs from Jaclyn Hill and James Charles (most recent collab), you will be in awe with their eyeshadow palettes.

My very first palette from Morphe was the ‘Fall into Frost’ palette (PERFECT for the natural, soft and cozy fall makeup look), and I have used just about every single eyeshadow in that palette!

From shimmery eyeshadows to matte eyeshadows- you can create any look for any occasion- day or night.  

Stop by your latest Ulta and pick up a Morphe eyeshadow palette and add it to your makeup collection. I promise you won’t regret it. :’)

Love any of these 5 products from Ulta? Let me know in the comments! Haven’t tried any of these products? Go grab some and fall in love with a new makeup brand!

Sephora Exclusives

We all know the amazing feeling you get when you walk into a Sephora- an endless love affair with makeup if I say so myself. Whether it’s inside of a JC Penny or a stand-alone Sephora. You know at the end of the visit you’ll be walking out with a black & white striped bag with matching tissue paper or better yet… SAMPLES! They give you free samples if you don’t want to buy the whole product without testing it out first. How amazing! The deal breaker for me.

If I can never find what I want at Ulta I always take the extra time to visit the local Sephora to spend even more of my money that I think I have. LOL.

I now give you 5 exclusive products that you can only find at Sephora! *drum roll, please*

Kat Von D

Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

Before we had Kylie Cosmetics, Kat Von D hit the scene in 2017 at all Sephora’s with her wonderful cosmetics line.

Kat Von D hit Sephora a couple years back and has been crushing the scene! If you’re like me and follow her Instagram then you know all about her lipsticks! If you want any color or shade, Kat Von D has your back!

She ranges in all sorts of products from highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, eyeliner, etc. Looking for a great eyeliner that withholds anything? Try her tattoo liner! That sucker is a keeper and stays on- even through crying (I can attest for that)!

Huda Beauty

Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

I first heard about Huda Beauty through my cousin last year and she raved about the product. Every time I walk into a Sephora, I always go looking for this brand to see what new things she has put out.

Huda Beauty has a Nude eyeshadow palette that I absolutely love! Any nude/neutral look lovers reading this? If so, go check out the Nude eyeshadow palette!

However, you’ll be surprised that if you’re looking for a good brand of some falsies you’ll want to go to Huda Beauty. We all love some false eyelashes here and there to make our outfit/makeup look, look A1!!!

Marc Jacobs

Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

When you hear the name Marc Jacobs, you probably think- fashion designer. Well, you’re in luck, he also has a cosmetic line!

With a wide range of lip colors, foundation colors, blushes, etc. there is something from everyone. :’)

Whatever you’re looking for Marc Jacobs has it. I’ve never personally tried this brand before, but I have always wanted to try it.

Have you tried this brand? Yes? Please comment below and tell me how you like it!!

Fenty by Rhianna

Photo Credit: Courtney Jane

Popstar sensation turns into a cosmetic goddess! Rihanna has killed the game with her Fenty line. The hype about her new makeup launch was 100% to the point.

If you like a good highlight then you need to try her highlighters! Her gold highlighter is a top seller. She has also come out with other products, but her highlighters are the place to be.

A goddess in the music industry and a goddess in the cosmetics industry… let’s give her a round of applause as she will always kill the game.


Now, if you’re like me, finding a foundation that works can be hard to find. I have oily skin, blemishes, redness, and more times than none- dry skin.

I’m a frequent foundation user and every so often I have to switch foundations because it tends to break me out after using for a while… why? I have no idea. So, if you know please tell me. LOL!

BUT! Hourglass does have the foundation that is supposedly really good quality. If you’re looking for that soft, silky, non-cakey look you might want to try Hourglass Veil Fluid Oil-Free Foundation. It even comes with SPF! So, if you’re a sun goddess (like me) for the summer then SPF is going to be your best friend in foundation!

If you use any of the listed brands, which is your favorite? What brand is your go-to brand for everyday use?  

Listed or not- I want to hear what you guys are using!


Cj <3

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