5 Festive Nail Polish Designs

5 Festive Nail Polish Designs

There are so many nail polishes to choose from. Almost every time I do my nails, I spend at least 30 minutes trying to decide what colors or patterns to use. So today I bring you 5 nail polishes, or pairings, that are so holiday worthy from bling to romantic to chic to classic.


The brands Fresh Paint and Funky Fingers are both ones that you can find at Five Below or online on Amazon or eBay. Wet n wild, Sally Hansen, L’Oreal, and OPI can be found in stores at Walmart, drug stores, Ulta, and online at Amazon or eBay. The particular shades from Glisten and Glow were a part of a collaboration with Young, Wild, and Polished and they can be purchased from their website https://glistenandglow.bigcartel.com.


Carmine and Champagne

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


First up we have Haze of Love by wet n wild paired with Costume Jewelry by Sally Hansen. These two colors are not necessarily ones that I would wear on their own, but when I paired them together, the world just seemed to click. Ok, maybe that’s a little too writer-y for you, but I really like these!

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


Costume jewelry is such an interesting champagne with ivory and pink sparkles throughout. The carmine shade is beautiful in its creme finish simplicity.


Mauve and Rose Nude

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


Second up we have Silent Mauvie by OPI and Doutzen’s Nude by L’Oreal Paris. Differently, these two have always been some of my favorites in my collection, and paired together is even more beautiful.


This is the perfect nail selection for someone who wants a subtle Christmas type vibe, staying more towards the romantic side.

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


Silent Mauvie has tiny, subtle silver shimmers that only linger on the nails if you use a top coat, while Doutzen’s Nude is a straight creme finish.


Metallic Blue

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


Thirdly we have Dream Catcher by Fresh Paint. A wonderful blue sparkly shade, this polish is a great addition for anyone who wants a little bling in their life and flair in their nails.

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


This is a go-to at celebrations, namely New Years, for me. It captures the fun, exciting possibilities the next year brings. It’s also one of my favorite nail polishes for winter, which is my favorite season.


Winter tends to be a dismal couple months for a lot of people, and these metallic nails give sparkle to a dreary day.


Red shimmer

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


You had to know it was coming. Fourth in line is the perfect red, Luminous by Sally Hansen. This is such an oldie but a goodie for me. I wore it to Christmas, I wore it through summer, I wore it to my Junior prom; it’s been with me through a lot.

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


The cheer-y apple color is so stunning on the nails, pictures don’t really do it quite justice. The tiny shimmers and very illusive, slight golden shift adds such a simple into ;


Mod Grey

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


Fifth and lastly is this effortless chic design. Featuring Topaz’s Cabin and OG Snowman from Glisten and Glow, and Total Eclipse of the Heart by Funky Fingers, this is the look for someone who thinks Christmas is too colorful(I know there’s some of you out there). Even if you prefer to have darker or plainer colors on your nails, that does not mean they have to be boring!

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


The first picture is the completed look; the middle finger has two coats, and dots on all nails except the middle finger. The second picture is half way through; the middle finger has one coat.


With a medium cool grey, a dark grey green, and a grey shimmer polish, this look has all the depth and sleekness to mirror your style. Too the creme finish nails with a matte coat and your look is ready to correlate with everything you wear until February.


Which look is your favorite?


I really enjoyed sharing these nails with you, and I hope you enjoy them this season! Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and make sure to check out our Pinterest for more ideas!


Happy painting!



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