5 Movies to Keep Your Heart Warm This Season

5 Movies to Keep Your Heart Warm This Season

As winter is slowly approaching and the frosty mornings and hot beverages are upon us it’s only right to prepare what seasonal films we are going to watch to warm up those chilly nights.


Watching Christmas films with loved ones and a hot chocolate is the epitome of this time of year for me. Albeit, we do start celebrating rather prematurely as the Halloween decorations have barely made it down before the Christmas ones go up.


I was sat thinking about what films define the Christmas period and those that really warm up your heart and get you in the spirit for the season. So here are the top 5 films that come to mind that not only capture the spirit of Christmas but warm up even the coldest of hearts (like mine)!


Love Actually


THIS FILM. Here in England, I think it is so big that it may even stump Elf. This star-studded Christmas rom-com, written and directed by Richard Curtis, is an absolute must for the holiday season.


Love Actually, set during Christmas in London, delves into the different aspects of love through ten separate stories which involve a range of individuals whose tales interlink as the film progresses.


I put my hands up and admit that I, along with probably the rest of the English population, have watched this almost every Christmas since it was released. There is a story that everyone can relate to in this amalgamation of experiences and if you haven’t watched it – I demand you to!!


Home Alone


Macaulay Culkin’s breakout film has to be in everyone’s top 5 for Christmas, the original Home Alone is arguably the best of the franchise. I remember watching this as a child and practically begging to be left home alone so I could set up my own boobytraps and wreak havoc.


This film tells the story of a young boy, who in the rush of leaving for a holiday, gets accidentally left behind by his family. At first, he has the time of his life deciding what to watch and what to eat but when two burglars attack his family’s home – his only option is to defend it with his own makeshift boobytraps!


This is a perfect family film that you can all snuggle up on a winter’s night with hot chocolates and blankets giggling away to the slapstick comedy this film entails.


The Polar Express


For a very young me, this film drastically changed Christmas. Allegedly, I was a skeptic about Santa from a young age and I never believed in him, so when this film came about my parents probably praised that they didn’t have to convince me of his existence as the film did it for them!


This wonderful film is about a young lad who is having doubts about the existence of everyone’s favorite bearded man with pet reindeers. During his already troubled sleep, the lad is awoken by the sound of a train and is invited aboard the magical locomotive. It takes him and the other young non-believers on a journey of discovery to the North Pole, Santa’s home!


I couldn’t recommend this film enough for any people with young children. If you or your little ones haven’t seen this, you must!


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


You what – Harry Potter as a Christmas film? YOU BET! Potterheads will be silently nodding in agreement. I don’t think any film has made me want a terrible Christmas jumper as much as this one!


The first installment of the titanic franchise that is Harry Potter, is set during winter and touches on Christmas at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. It begins the tale of Harry’s entrance into the wizarding world and he learns the truth about not only himself but everyone and everything that surrounds him – including he who shall not be named!


I would definitely say that this is a must for any household this holiday season. In fact, here in England, the Harry Potter films are played start to finish every weekend leading up to Christmas – so it was only right that I threw this one in!


Sleepless in Seattle


This 1993 rom-com featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is absolutely gorgeous and will truly warm any heart this season. I feel like this film is so underrated and deserves to be a contender as it’s such a beautiful tale.


Sleepless in Seattle is a film about a recently widowed man and his son, the latter calls a radio talk-show in an attempt to find his grieving father a partner. It is set in Seattle on Christmas eve and in my opinion, is the most heart-warming Christmas film on this list!


It is an oldie but a definite goldie. If you haven’t seen this vulnerable and adorable Tom Hanks, add it to your Christmas film list right now!!


What are your all-time favorite seasonal films? Let me know!


I tried my best to throw in a few films that weren’t typically praised so that those who aren’t cinephiles could find and appreciate them! You may notice I left the big hitters like Elf and The Grinch off the list as I think others deserve a mention!


Please let me know what films you agree with and if you disagree, what would you replace them with?


Take care and ttfn,


Ellie x


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