5 Must-wear Nail Polish Designs That Are In This Wedding Season

Wedding season is right around the corner, and there are always the big questions of what to wear, how to accessorize, which makeup, hairstyles, nails.. Etc.!

Well, I’m going to answer one of those questions today. I’m going to help you find a nail design you can do at home with little to no hassle.

I have picked some of my favorite polishes and designs that will get your look wedding ready!

Wedding Ring Bronze

This nail polish always reminds me of class and a natural beauty. It looks like the color of a lovely, dainty gold wedding ring.

I used the nail polish Fast Lane by Pure Ice. It is a beautiful bronze shade that is very reflective. One thing that I love about this polish is that it is so fast drying.

With a lot of inexpensive brands, it can be hard to find a formula that is the right thinness, but doesn’t compromise the color and finish. This polish is the perfect mix.

I used two coats to achieve this opacity.

For this design, I decided to play a little outside the box. On two of the nails, I added a matte top coat to give a little texture. On the other three nails, I used the tip of the brush to create a scalloped edge.

It is the perfect way to compliment a dress with scallops on the bottom. You could even use glitter to outline the scallops if you want some sparkle!

Lavender Craze

OMG. I have to use this combo more! It is so lovely to look at, and matches so much of spring fashion!

Doutzen’s Nude by L’Oreal is such an interesting color. I typically like using it as a nude color, but when used in this pairing, its purple undertones really shine through!

I used one coat to achieve this opacity, and one coat of a matte nail polish.

Outrageous by Pure Ice is the other star of this show, and it perfectly offsets the plainness of Doutzen’s Nude. It is a super metallic, silvery and pink-purple shade.

I really didn’t expect to love it as much as I did, but I guess I have a newfound appreciation for lavender colors!

Thyme for Mint

I’m so proud of that name. I just had to say it.

So, for this look I really wanted to get creative. I love having flowers on my nails, but I am the worst at making both hands look the same.

I decided to use some actual flowers to stamp on a viney, flowery pattern. I really love how it turned out.

My family and I just moved into a new house and I recently discovered that I have some thyme growing in a planter in our backyard. I love the smell, and have been keeping some in vases so I can smell it all day!

The little buds on this herb make a great stamp for nail polish!

First, I used Sandy Beach by Essie as a base coat. It is a delightful, very sheer shade that is a ‘my nails, but better’ color. I love using it underneath really extraordinary colors to make them pop!

I used one coat to achieve this opacity.

For the pattern, I used Mrs. Mint by Funky Fingers. This color has been a favorite since I purchased it a few years ago. It is an iridescent minty pastel color with neon yellow reflects in it.

It is much easier to capture the iridescence when it is on the entire nail. When used for a small detail like this, it’s not so easy to see that quality in it.

I used one coat to achieve this opacity.

Greige 2.0

I think most of us can appreciate a champagne queen of a polish. However, they do get a little boring after a while. There’s only so much you can do with those types of colors, and they mostly give off the same effect.

You can seriously step up your nail polish game when you use this pairing sent from me to you.

The base shade of this look is a perfect blue-grey polish called OG Snowman by Glisten and Glow. It’s such a great polish that tends to go with any look, and accompany a multitude of other polishes.

I used one coat to achieve this opacity.

The other wonderful nail polish in this pairing is Costume Jewelry by Sally Hansen. Now, I spoke about this polish in my article we published last Christmas 5 Festive Nail Polish Designs, so I think you can tell how much I enjoy this shade.

Unfortunately, this shade has been discontinued, as it was a part of their Diamond Strength collection. After scouring the internet, the closest nail polish I could find to this one is Champagne Kisses by China Glaze. The difference between these two is that Costume Jewelry has more of an underlying pearl color with small silver glitters, while Champagne Kisses is almost straight glitter.

I believe you could get a similar effect, though, if you had the polish by China Glaze and used it on top of a grey polish.

I used one coat to achieve this opacity.

Floral honeymoon

Not everything has to be light and dainty at weddings. Some people even beautiful dark colored wedding gowns! I say, why not?

There are so many different ways you could do this design, but as you can see, I took more of an abstract approach to floral. Doing designs freehand can be exhausting, especially when you’re just a normal person without tools that you would see a professional using.

I love incorporating black into nail designs, because it makes the entire ensemble pop! If you don’t own a black, I would seriously recommend this one by Sally Hansen called Black Heart.

It is super quick-drying, super opaque, and super smooth of a formula! I’ll be honest; I did not have high expectations when I bought this guy. He, on the other hand, had other plans! He was fully prepared to blow me away.

I used one coat to achieve this opacity.

The pink-red shade in this look is the amazing, powerful Altitude Attitude by Essie. I fully expect this to be in the summer edition of this nail polish series, since it is one of the most summery nail polishes I own.

This is a very unique shade in that it shifts from looking hot hot pink, and looking red with pink undertones.

I used one coat to achieve this opacity.

The last color in this pairing is Charlotte by Fresh Paint. For the small price of Fresh Paint nail polishes, I don’t mind that they are not the highest quality. They still last several days on the nails, are fairly opaque, and have beautiful colors to choose from.

This shade is a very unique muted blue with slight green undertones.

I used one coat to achieve this opacity.

Final Thoughts

As always, bringing out my creative side is something I enjoy immensely. I hope you are looking forward to my summer nail polish article coming up! I am so excited about it, I have had them picked out for two months at least. Make sure to check back in because we post a new beauty article every week!

Happy painting,


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