5 Simple Tips For Life-Changing Skin

5 Simple Tips For Life-Changing Skin

Skin is super important! You’ve heard it before; it’s the largest organ, but more importantly, your skin is the protector for the rest of your body! If your skin isn’t healthy, it makes it harder for the rest of your body to keep up.

I’ve put together some simple ways to change your skin’s appearance, texture, and overall health. If we’re honest, skincare isn’t perfect. Some nights we fall asleep in makeup, we totally forget to wash our faces, or we have a whole day of eating junk food!

Especially with more holidays coming up, eating clean is not always the easiest habit to keep. Hopefully these tips can inspire you to take better care of your precious skin.

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#1 Alternating Days You Wear Make Up

Most of the time, makeup is not very good for our skin. Foundation often gets clogged in our pores and creates a chemical imbalance on the most sensitive skin on our body! In order to help it restore its natural state, try to keep most days light makeup days, and pick a few days a week to throw that beat on!

#2 Gently Exfoliating in the Shower

Exfoliation is such an important step for your skincare because it helps reveal those beautiful skin cells underneath the dead and dry cells. Regular exfoliation increases the overall cell turnover rate and helps your skin get that natural glow everyone with dry skin dreams of.
However, even if you have oily skin, it is still very important to exfoliate. It means that your skin and hormones don’t have to work so hard to create oils to moisturize those pesky cells on top.

What I like to do is use a soft wash rag to exfoliate. It gets every single area of my face, and I don’t have to worry about it getting in my eyes like I would with an exfoliating product. Plus, you can choose how soft or deep to scrub your skin.

Always make sure to wash your face with very warm water. Then begin to press the rag into your skin, making sure to open up all your pores.

My major areas are always my forehead, nose, and chin. So I spend a little extra time on those places. I rub very gently at first with the rag to get my skin warmed up. Then I begin to rub slightly more vigorously.

It is very important to not scrub too harshly. If you do end up doing that, I wouldn’t recommend wearing makeup that day, and I would recommend a repairing mask or a heavy layer of daily moisturizer. Keep your skin as natural as possible so your skin can mend itself with ease.

#3 Moisturizing While Your Skin is Warm and Damp

This is a step that I’ve learned helps so much with the state of my skin throughout the day!If I don’t moisturize while my skin is wet and my pores are open, my skin is extremely dry. Moisturizing is always a good step,it doesn’t help your skin as much if it is dry when you apply.

Finding a really great moisturizer for your skin is the second part to this important step. I’ve tried lots of different ones, but the ones my skin responds best to are the deep moisture ones with only natural scents in them.

If you have oily skin I would recommend a daytime moisturizer for this step. You will really see the difference in your skin after practicing this for even a few days.

#4 Rotating Through Different Face Masks

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This is not the most important one, but it is my favorite! I love using masks. They are a great way for me to relax, or start my day! Peel off masks are some of my favorite ones to use because you just apply them, then do whatever you need to do until it’s dry and ready to remove.

My top masks at the moment are all by Soo’AE. They include: Black Charcoal Peel Off, Revive Gold Peel Off, and Unicorn Glow Sleeping Mask.

I like to use the black charcoal mask at night, the revive gold in the morning, and I use the unicorn glow mask as a reparative mask directly after either one. I like to wear the unicorn glow mask for hours. It really works wonders for keeping my dry skin plump and, well, glowing!

When I use these masks, my skin always looks and feels like all the inflammation and redness has been taken out and replaced with supple teenage skin! I really cannot rave about these enough. They were a great addition to my skincare, and I will be needing to repurchase them very soon!

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#5 Eat Clean!

I would say this is probably the most important tip. It’s as simple as what goes in must come out someway: in the toilet, or through your skin.

Toxins and inflammation-causing foods can be detrimental to the health of your skin. Foods like dairy, refined sugars, and saturated and trans fats are the leading causes of acne and ph imbalance for your skin, namely your facial skin. Impurities that come from these and many other unhealthy foods can clog pores, create excess oils, and even bring on skin infections.

Eating dairy especially on a daily basis can make it impossible for your skin to maintain its normal balance. Cutting out or limiting consumption of harmful foods such as these and many others can majorly transform your skin. I know it did for mine in so many ways.

What are your must-have products or practices for skincare?

Please share with us if you have other tips or products you swear by for fresh, glowing skin! We love hearing from you, and we always see your comments.  

Happy washing!


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