5 Things That Will Motivate You For Monday

Monday’s is the universal day for everything to suck. It’s right after the weekend, the fun weekend you just had. You know, the one where sleeping in exists?

Monday’s are the days that our bodies are like ABSOLUTELY NOT but are minds are like, PLEASE get out of bed and get going.

Monday’s do not always have to suck. They do not always have to be a drag. They most certainly do not have to be the worst day of every week.

Here are 5 things that will motivate you for Monday:

Use Sunday to Plan out your week

I get that I am ruining the Sunday-Funday cliche but I promise this helps. Take a little time at the end of your day on Sunday to plan out your week. Set your goals, make that grocery list, and break it up over the course of a week.

This helps your mind mentally excited to start the week to achieve those goals. Every Sunday, do a weekly recap so that you know what works and what doesn’t. Rearrange by what works best for you.

For me, it’s super helpful to theme my days. All of my creatives can relate to this – colors, themes, and anything that sticks out is great. I make my Monday & Wednesday’s “yellow days” where I create content. Tuesday’s and Thursday I use to check up on e-mails, follow up with people and do my errands such as grocery shopping, or spending copious amounts of time online shopping.

Skip Out On The Coffee

Yes, I said it. Skip out on the coffee, at least for the first part of your day. Start your day with a little exercise or a yummy breakfast and then commence the coffee.

I’ve personally skipped out on coffee for the past couple weeks and switched to vanilla spice energy tea by Yogi. If you add a little honey at the bottom of your cup, your life will be changed. If it’s not, I totally support you going back to coffee.

Caffeine helps your body get a start on the day, but you want your body to feel awake naturally before consuming coffee. Why? Coffee will have you running like a rabbit for eight hours and then you’ll collapse (not literally, you’re just out of energy).

Plan Out Your Morning Me Time

This is something I personally try to do daily, sometimes the alarm clock just does not go off (which may be self-inflicted) but I TRY to plan out a morning “me” time. Especially on the hard days. Why? Because if you’re not happy, your days won’t be.

You can start your days by waking up an hour early to go on a morning jog/walk, read a few pages of that book that you’ve been wanting to read or to catch up on our favorite celebrity drama that distracts us through the day.

Just do something for yourself. This helps me on the days where I really really really feel like I can’t do it. Making yourself happy is the #1 motivator.

Make Plans

On the days that seem like they’re gonna suck, give yourself something to look forward to. Make plans with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Reconnect with a friend from the past.

Giving yourself something to look forward to makes the horror of Monday, seem like nothing. This is the key to fighting depression for some and can be the key to getting through Monday’s for others.

Words of Affirmation

I’m sticking to my craziness in this article and telling you to just let it out, everything you hate about Monday’s, make it into a positive.

I have got into the habit of taking sticky notes and pasting them on the places I visit the most when moping around about Mondays. For example, on my closet door, I have a sticky note that says “ Giiiirl, you look great today”. On my mirror it says, “ Wipe the boogies out your eyes, you have to change the world today.

If no one is going to hype you up while you’re thinking the worst, do it yourself.

Okay, I know I have given you a lot of tips and tricks but take it one day at a time! Find what works for you. There is no rush to be perfect at Monday’s.

We’re all human…Some Monday’s will still suck but hopefully, I’ve helped with MOST Monday’s. If you have some other ways that you have accomplished Monday’s, I’d love to hear!

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