6 Ideas for the Perfect Outing With the Kids

6 Ideas for the Perfect Outing With the Kids

Hey guys! Let’s be honest, being stuck in the house for days on end with kids can be miserable. Not only do you need to get some fresh air, but you’re probably tired of being the only one entertaining your kids. To give yourself a much-needed break, consider doing one of these 6 ideas for the perfect outing with kids!

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Pro-tip: Try to plan ahead and do things the night before to reduce any stress you might feel about the outing- pack snacks, set out clothes, prepare water bottles, pack diaper bag, etc.. Remember, the point of the outing is to give you a break from having to entertain your kids while also going out and having some family fun!

Also, before we go any further, I wanted to give you a tip! If you take your kids/nanny kids to one of these places and have a great time, ask your family and friends for a season pass/membership for your child’s birthday or Christmas gift. What’s a better gift than a whole year of fun experiences?

The Zoo

Taking kids to the zoo is always fun! It’s great for the kids because they get to learn about and experience wild animals, plus many zoos have other fun activities kids can do, too. For example, I took one of my nanny kids to the Dallas zoo and they had a kids area where you could feed fish, go into a massive bird cage, and pet/brush goats. There was also a carousel that we rode a couple of times!

Story Time

I feel like the possibilities are endless if you’re looking for a good story time! You can usually find these kinds of activities at your local library, shopping mall, or even the Arboretum. Now keep in mind that ‘story time’ doesn’t always necessarily mean that if you decide to try one out next Tuesday that they’ll be reading stories. Depending on the story time you go to, they could be singing songs, dancing, doing puppet shows, doing science experiments, featuring magic shows, showcasing theatrical performances etc.. Regardless of what’s going on that day, though, it’s usually a great time!


In Dallas, we have the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and it’s a blast! On the lower level, they have a children’s museum (for very little kids) and that’s where I’ve spent most of my time, but the whole rest of the museum is fit for older kids who are more interested in learning and exploring than playing with toys.

In the children’s museum, they have an imitation farmers market where you can buy vegetables and load trucks full of produce. They also have areas for crafts, climbing, water, camping, and digging!

Other exhibits I’ve seen when I’ve wandered through the rest of the museum are about dinosaurs, evolution, space, energy, sports, gems and minerals, and much more!

So, long story short, check out your local museums and see if they offer anything special for children. Even better, maybe you have a children’s museum nearby!

The Arboretum

If there’s an Arboretum near you, I highly recommend you take an outing there! Not only is it beautiful to see all of the seasonal flowers and decorations, but they usually have a children’s section full of wet and dry play areas and activities that kids just love!

I took my nanny kid, Jack, to the Dallas Arboretum quite a few times in the 10 months I was looking after him and it was beautiful every single time. It’s always nice to find an outing that’s entertaining to you and your children!

As far as activities for kids are concerned, Jack really enjoyed the play areas and they also had a water and energy science area where we played for probably an hour. I was having just as much fun as he was!

The Park

I think almost every kid loves the park! The swings, the slides, the climbing, the running, the sunshine….I could go on and on. There are so amazing things about the park, but the best thing is I can almost guarantee there’s one near you!

Go for A Walk

This is something I really enjoy doing with kids because it’s good for them to be outside and to get some energy out! Going for a walk doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a destination, it just means you’re committing to going out and at least getting some fresh air.

Don’t force it too much and let the kids explore as you walk. I’m sure they’ll find lots of things and have lots of questions about them that they want to ask you, but that’s a good thing! Nature is mind-boggling in and of itself, so don’t doubt it’s ability to keep your kids entertained for a good bit of time.

If you do prefer to have a destination, try the grocery store or the local coffee shop (depending on the temperament of your child, of course). Kids have so much fun pushing the little carts and they like getting to be ‘big’ like you!

I hope you and your family/nanny family can have some fun experiences on these outings and I’d love it if you’d come back and comment here to let me know how it went!

What are your favorite outings to take with kids?

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