6 Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers

For stay at home moms, dads, guardians, or nannies, rainy days can be real downers.

Don’t get me wrong, any person can get down or feel unmotivated when the possibility of going outside is no longer an option. And for those who stay home with their kids, it’s especially difficult because the kids can’t go outside and release their energy.

Here in Texas, we go through quite a few rainy seasons, so I have compiled a short list of some things to do when it’s nicer to stay inside than to go outside.

P.s. I can’t wait for the warm rain season, because I love playing in the rain and I want my son to experience it again!

Practicing words

This can be really different, depending on the age of your child, but it all comes down to writing, reading, or simply repeating words as you write them.

My child is two years old and he is only on the ‘repeating words as I write and speak them’ level. He absolutely loves it when I spend time helping him to practice the words and phrases he already knows. You can see his mind working, and he gets so excited to say names, animals and objects that he’s familiar with!

There are also quite a few simple books that are great for kids that are still new to the names of some animals and other things in daily life.

Baking together

I love this one! Well, especially the eating! I have recently taken a serious liking to baking. I’ve been learning to bake using gluten free flours such as oat and almond. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much success with almond flour yet.

I still have quite a bit of experimenting to do. Thankfully my son is the adventurous type. He’ll even eat cookies that I can’t stomach because of some mishap with the recipe. He’s my little helper! He’s still too young to help with the baking process, aside from giving me ingredients or occasional stirring, so eating is right up his alley!

There’s something about watching the cookies baking through the oven window when it’s down right POURING outside.

Spa day

Get warm. Get cozy. Get some face masks. Get some nail polish. Take a bath.

Grab your little minion or minions and relax! My son loves when we take baths or showers together. It’s a very therapeutic process for us both.

I do a lot of face masks and depending on the ages of the children, you can include them a little or a lot! For example, when I do a charcoal peel off mask, I put a little stripe down my son’s nose so he feels included. It’s a great way to include children that might be too young for facial masks because the charcoal is quick-drying, and therefore, won’t make a mess.

My son gets such a kick out of doing the same things as his mommy. Since seeing his face light up with excitement is one of my favorite things ever, I love to share that with him on a rainy day.

Netflix and snuggle

We all feel lazy some days! That’s perfectly fine! Sometimes our kids wake up super early and decide to hold a ban on naps until about five o’clock, when it’s way too late for napping.

Sometimes we need to cure our exhaustion and also spend some quality time together.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to pop on our favorite chilltime movie and make a big ol’ bowl of popcorn. Then I get lots of blankets and pillows to surround us.

Sensory time

We just got a new sectional couch and it is simply perfect for watching movies with popcorn while watching the rain fall gently on the window next to us. So cozy!

There are lots of different ideas for this one. The one sensory activity that I like to do the most is drawing or playing in shaving cream. It brings me back to second or third grade when we used to write words on our desks with shaving cream. It was probably the most fun thing we did in that little school!

I go to an event every other week that’s hosted by a nearby church. They have a different theme each week, along with crafts and a fun sensory station that fits this theme.

The last time we went, the theme was rain, clouds, and puddles (very fitting for this Texan spring, let me tell you) and the sensory station had plates and shaving cream to play around with. All the kids just loved it, including my son, who went back to it three times.

The best thing about this activity is that it is super easy to clean up, and it can keep your littles occupied for a good chunk of time.

Sensory bins are also a great activity, however not as mess free. We like to use rice in large plastic totes. We add objects like bath toys, extra measuring cups, and some kid-friendly kitchen utensils. Try to avoid using eating utensils for toddlers so they don’t confuse play time with eating time, especially with non-food items.  

Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for sensory bins and sensory activities. You can check out our Pinterest board for nannies and parents for more ideas.

Interactive songs

Ok, this one may not last too long. In fact, it’s probably the shortest lasting activity on this list.

I know a lot of caretakers that sing songs with their kids, which is probably the cutest thing about that relationship. My mom is the reason that I love singing songs with my son. Music is a huge part of my family and my life. We were always singing songs together or watching musicals or playing music together. It’s never not been a part of our family dynamic.

I really want to be able to pass down that love for music to my son as my parents did with me. He already seems to love musicals and Disney movies just as much as I do, so I have a strong hope that he will continue the tradition if he ever has any kids.

My son loves to do “patty cake”, You Are My Sunshine with kisses in the middle of it (haha), and ABC’s. He also loves practicing his numbers. My wonderful mom sent him the matching colors and numbers books that you saw in the ‘practicing words’ section.

For kids that are beginning to read, there are lots of fantastic books for every stage. To start, you can use some baby books that they are used to seeing. Point out those objects and ask what they are. If they don’t know, say the name. They will eventually start saying them too!

Final thoughts

I am truly grateful that I am able to stay at home with my son. I would not want it any other way. In being a part of this blog, I am able to harness and use some of my talents and passions to talk to you. I hope reading this list gave you some ideas for things to do with your little one. If you have some other activities that I haven’t listed, make sure to comment them so we can do them at my house too! You can also follow me on Instagram @briggys_creative to see some of the food I eat and also feed my vegan son.

Happy playing!


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