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I’d go as far as saying The Quiet Nonsense is an artistic online media collective.  Everyone here, working for The Quiet Nonsense, is an individual with their own form of artistic taste and expression. We strive to give our audience a clear view of our lives and the things we’ve learned that have made a real difference to us.

Although everyone working here is unique in their interests, we’re all working toward the same goal of entertaining people with stories and topics that may not always be easy to find in the mainstream media. This shared goal is what makes The Quiet Nonsense work so well and what has ultimately led to our success.

As of now, The Quiet Nonsense has 3 major focuses:

  1. The Blog
  2. The Photography
  3. The Internship

The Blog

On the blog, we have a little something for everyone, but we separate everything into two major categories: Lifestyle and Down the Rabbit Hole.


Within the main Lifestyle category there are 4 subcategories. There’s Family Corner, dedicated to sharing tips, fun activities, and stories from the nannies and parents on the team; Foodie Emporium, focusing on reviewing local restaurants and sharing our favorite recipes; Mental Management, centering around raising awareness about mental illness, providing tips and encouragement to those who are suffering, and sharing personal stories regarding our team members’ experiences with mental illness; and finally, there’s Mirror Mirror on the Wall, dedicated to reviewing beauty products and giving fashion and beauty tips.

Down the Rabbit Hole:

This part of the site serves as an escape from stereotypical blog post categories. We hope to suck you in and take you down the rabbit hole, where you will be enlightened toward subjects such as, art, music, books, movies, science, and creative writing.

The Photography

Something unique about The Quiet Nonsense is that we never use any stock photography or pictures from the internet on our website, everything is either submitted by local photographers or taken by one of our team members.

Since we are so dedicated to having a unique brand and we absolutely love to feature local talent, we host seasonal photography contests. As part of the prizes we offer the opportunity for the winners’ photos to be featured on the front page slideshow of our website and for the photo to be added to our gallery, meaning that we will also use it in the future for Marketing graphics and maybe even other areas of the website or on our social media accounts.

The Internship

The way The Quiet Nonsense has been structured is highly unique. Since running a blog this large can have so many moving parts, help was needed in order for the blog to grow effectively. To meet this need, the Founder decided to create a completely remote internship dedicated to training people with all experience levels how to run a blog on a large scale, develop a brand, and move the blog toward monetization.

When this all started, it was just the Founder, Mica, and a few other interns, including Lex Laine, who quickly worked her way up from intern to Editor and then finally to COO of The Quiet Nonsense company. Things are still structured the same way today, with people being brought on as interns and then working their way up to more permanent positions that go as far up as the Executive level.

Mica never intended for the internship to grow as much as it has, but she’s kept it open and as a priority within The Quiet Nonsense company because she enjoys getting to work with and train the interns, as well as see them grow throughout the process.  The internship has brought The Quiet Nonsense an outstanding team full of talented and loyal individuals with a hunger for progress and self-expression.

See what The Quiet Nonsense has to offer you as an intern.

At the very core, The Quiet Nonsense wants to inspire their readers, featured talent, and team members to be their true selves, not take life too seriously, and work hard for the things they want.

The Quiet Nonsense, LLC

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