You’re Not Alone This Christmas – And Here’s Why

You’re Not Alone This Christmas – And Here’s Why

Christmas is always associated with family and being together on Christmas, sharing gifts, having dinner, pulling Christmas crackers, etc. At this time of year, we forget to think of the people who are alone at this time. Do you feel alone during the holidays? Let me tell you this. You’re not alone this Christmas.


This post is going to be all about why you’re not alone this Christmas. I know it may seem that you are alone and you’re going to have a lonely Christmas but here are some reasons why you won’t.


Social media


You are not alone when you have social media. Any time that I feel lonely I always pop onto Twitter which is an amazing community that is a great pillar of support and interact with others.


I really enjoy Twitter and love connecting with the blogging community there. Yes, you may not be a blogger but you will find your own community of people using hashtags or suggested followers.


If you don’t like Twitter there are other platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You will find others who feel the exact same way as you do during this lonely time.


Go on holiday


If you have the funds to go on holiday why not pack up and go? Travelling alone is one of the most amazing feelings. As you tour the country you are in you will meet so many new people, learn new things and gain the independence you need in your life.


Why not cross off having Christmas on a beach on your bucket list? You never ever feel lonely on holiday. You’ll really love the experience. My own experience with travelling alone was one of the best experiences in my life.


Growing up I could never travel. Last year I travelled on my own to England and it was the best experience of my life.


Photo Credit: Anne Carty




Why not head out and give some extra hands to help in a soup kitchen, visit sick people in the hospital or visit elderly people in nursing homes. They will love this and definitely be grateful for the visit and company.


Volunteering will make you happy and the people you visit and help out ecstatic.


Learn to enjoy your own company


A lot either said than done right? Learning to enjoy your own company can be difficult but I have a few ways that you can do this.


  • Find a hobby.


I can spend all day home alone and work on my blog.


Photo Credit: Anne Carty


  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone.


It’s heavenly. Trust me. Maybe you don’t like the quiet. Pop your favourite playlist on and have it as loud as you want. Make sure it doesn’t bother your neighbours though! Angry neighbours are not fun.


  • Take yourself out on a date .


Have you been wanting to try that new restaurant that opened recently? Go out and have a meal! Visit the museum you love or do anything that you want. You don’t need to debate or compromise with anyone because you are on your own!


Photo Credit: Anne Carty


Go out and socialize with others 


In my previous paragraph, I mentioned going out and doing something that you want to do. This can give you a ton of opportunities to be out and about with others who enjoy the same things you do. Try and socialize! Who knows you may find a new friend!


There you have it. Reasons why you are not alone this Christmas. Are you intrigued by any of these posts? Let me know by commenting below or letting me know on the Quiet Nonsense social media accounts! I would LOVE to hear from you.


With Love,


Anne xx

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