Bad days: A Survival Guide

Bad days: A Survival Guide

We all end up having bad days at some point in our lives and that’s normal! Sometimes it’s even worse when we can’t seem to get out of that bad mood. I’d like to help you get through those bad days by providing you with a survival guide you can come back and read on your particularly difficult days.

Deep Breaths

Having a bad day is so disappointing, especially when it comes to just waking up in a bad mood and having no idea why you feel that way. It sucks! When we become stressed our body releases stress hormones that trigger our sympathetic nervous system. Due to this, we become hyper-focused and ready to pounce at any given moment. Deep breaths can be really beneficial on days like this.

My favorite breathing exercise is when you breathe in for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, and breathe out for eight seconds. Repeat this once or until you feel better. This causes an automatic nervous system shift from a sympathetic state to a parasympathetic response, leaving you feeling more calm and relaxed.


Taking care of yourself is so important, no matter what mood you are in. You need to take care of yourself! It can be as simple as taking a mental health day off work, having a nap during the day, having a relaxing break, and so much more.

Self-care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Also, self-care is necessary to remind yourself, and others, that you and your needs are important too.

You are the only one who can take care of yourself. Before you begin to put others first, and forget about your own needs, it is important to remember that YOU are the most important person. You need to be able to take care of yourself before anyone else.

Talk to Someone You Love

The old saying a ‘problem shared is a problem halved’ is very true. When you talk to a loved one about how you are feeling or what’s going on in your head, it helps. I always feel better after talking to my boyfriend about what’s going on.  

You should never feel ashamed to talk about your mental health. If you are having a bad day, talk to your partner, friend, family member or anyone that you love or trust.

Eat Properly

When you’re in a bad mood, unhealthy, salty, sugary foods are the go-to foods but those will leave you in an even worse mood. Eating proper healthy food will release energy throughout your body and help you feel better.

Get Outside

Head outside and breathe in some fresh air–it will help you a lot. Being out and about and getting some vitamin D will boost your mood. I always find being in nature calms me down and wakes me up when I’m tired or not feeling the best.

Spending time outside is good for your mental health and can also help with seasonal depression. When paired with physical activity, like hiking or running, the health benefits of going outside increase, maybe even lowering blood pressure and stress.

Believe You Will Get Through This

I know it’s tough to see the positive when you’re having such a horrible day but you will get through this. This is not your first bad day, and certainly won’t be your last, so you will get through it, as you have done in the past.

Avoid Negative People and Places

When you are having a bad day, don’t put yourself into a situation that will make it worse. I always struggled to be in work when I was having a bad day because it was such a negative place. I made sure that I called in sick or asked for the day off if I needed to.

Know what makes your bad days worse and avoid those people, places or situations as much as you can. It will help a lot!

Write It Down

Writing down how you feel can be really helpful. This can be any form of writing, for example: writing on social media, a blog post, in a journal, or just on a piece of paper. I always find writing down exactly what’s in my head helps me get it out and I experience an overwhelming sense of relief.

I hope these tips help you survive your bad days. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. You have to focus on yourself before you can even think of taking care of someone else. If you are in a constant state of sadness or depression, I strongly advise that you visit your doctor to see if you need some extra help in coping.

With Love,

Anne xxx

About The Author…

Anne is from Ireland where she is taking time off after school to focus on her mental health. She is also an assistant at Quiet Nonsense and runs her own blog with topics including travel, mental health and so much more. Anne dreams of/ is working towards becoming a professional blogger.

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