Best Cruelty Free Makeup Products

Why is it important to buy cruelty free makeup? Well, it’s not tested on animals. Obviously. Not as obviously is the fact that we need to actually NOT support those brands who DO test on animals.

When you support companies that are cruelty free, that shows those companies that their efforts are not overlooked. Writing reviews on their websites and sharing feedback are just as important as buying their products as a consumer.  

Now, it is worth mentioning that many brands that do not test on animals still want to sell in mainland China, who has a mandatory law that all makeup sold in China must be tested on animals. In turn, those companies have to allow animal testing to be done, or else not sell in China. If they sell in China, they are marked as conducting animal testing.

Over the years, I’ve tried out a few cruelty free brands and products, and I’ve compiled the ones really worth writing home about (ignore the pun; I know it’s not good anyways).

One of the best things about this list is the fact that they are all affordable! Some more than others, but they are definitely not going to break the bank. I suppose if you buy every product they have, then it probably will break your bank, but the discretion is up to you.

I hope you try out some of these products if you haven’t already!

Colourpop Cosmetics

If you watch beauty videos on YouTube, you have to have heard of Colourpop. They are an incredibly affordable, yet great quality brand that has all people in mind. People that love a natural look, colorful look, and everything in between. Over the years, their products have improved and expanded, and they’ve even done tons of collaborations with YouTubers and bloggers!

Some of my favorite products from them are their Super Shock shadows and their lip liners. There are a lot of really great products, but some of the best are what is in this picture. Telepathy(green gold), Lace(dark violet), Taco(matte sky blue), and Weenie(metallic rose gold)

Unfortunately, Taco is no longer available, however they have some blue pressed powder shadows. A beautiful teal shade named Formation and a cobalt shade called Backstage are some great substitutes. Also in The Zodiac by Kathleen Lights, The Aquarius is almost a match to Taco. The Aquarius is a tad deeper and more periwinkle than Taco, but overall it is a pretty good likeness. In other palettes there are more matte blue shades if you really want some great options. I have so many more I want to purchase.

This shade and Weenie were both babies of Kathleen Lights, as well. She has a long history with this company in the best way. If you click this link you can see all the beautiful collaborations they have created together.

Their lip liners and many other lip products are really great, too. Some of my favorites are the Lippie Pencils in Lumiere, Frenchie, and Clique. Also I really love the Lippie Stix in Lumiere and Pitch.

wet ‘n’ wild

Ahhh, wet ‘n’ wild! What an oldie, but a goodie they are! Wet ‘n’ wild was the first (besides my mom’s Avon) makeup I used! When I purchased my first makeup, it was beige iridescent lipstick, Dirty Dancing style. At that time in my life, I didn’t know that they were cruelty free, nor did i know the importance of that. I just liked the brand because it was super cheap and I didn’t feel bad about spending my grass mowing money on it.

My second purchase from them was this palette. Well, not this exact palette. This is my second one that I’ve owned. That’s how much I live for these colors! I love every one of these shades for many different reasons, but the most standout one to me is the bottom right. It is a beautiful duochrome with red and blue reflects. It’s such a stunning shade to rock with some bold liner and a nude lip.
As for the Megalast Liquid Catsuit lipsticks, I am just very impressed. wet ‘n’ wild has really have stepped up their game over the years, keeping up with trends yet still staying true to their brand. The great thing about these lipsticks is that they are transfer proof, for the most part. To the touch, they do not transfer, however if you are eating, they will move a little.

The colors I own are Goth Topic, Once in a Bronze Moon, and Give me Mocha. These liquid lipsticks can be a bit drying, so I would recommend laying a chapstick under it especially if you’ll be wearing it for several hours.

Once in a Bronze Moon is a metallic Catsuit lipstick, and I just recently purchased it! I have not worn it much, but I can tell you the formula is a little different than the other Liquid Catsuits. Like a typical metallic liquid lipstick formula, it is more moussy and softer in texture. Unlike Give Me Mocha and Goth topic, this lipstick is not kiss proof. It will transfer very easily.

Now, this mascara is really quite something. I don’t spend much time makeup shopping (it’s expensive, amiright?) so I don’t really have time to try out straight forward things like black mascara. I just pick one up that has good reviews and use it until it’s all gone. If it’s terrible, I’ll find a different one. Mainly, though, I stick to what I like.

The Lash Renegade mascara is my staple. I’ve been using it for about 6 months and I’ve purchased it 4 times. It’s great for building volume and lengthening the lashes. Oh, and the best part? It’s under $6 at Walmart!


NYX is one of those companies that I started purchasing when I was really into makeup. After I graduated high school, I seriously considered becoming a makeup artist or esthetician. Honestly, it’s still something i would love to do, but my path seems to be leading to other things for now.

It didn’t take me long to start trying out their Liquid Suede lipsticks. Naturally, they were some of the first liquid lipstick that I tried out at all! Instantly I fell in love with the formula, pigmentation, and shade range.

NYX, like Colourpop, is a brand that loves to bring out the creative colorful side in all types of people who love makeup. They are well known for being an affordable brand at Ulta with a very wide selection of their products. That was the biggest draw for me when I discovered them for myself. All that, paired with being animal testing-free, makes them a great option if you aren’t sure what brands to use.


Morphe is a brand that I had not heard of before religiously watching beauty videos on YouTube. This company that stemmed from Crown Brushes is now an esteemed brand used by so many influencers and consumers alike. It is a sought after milestone for YouTubers to get sponsored by or get an affiliate link with Morphe.

Aside from their status, their products have an impressive reputation. They have extensive selections of palettes no matter if you’re a natural girl, super glam girl, or a bit of both. Their brush options are pretty astounding as well. You can always find a brush for a different use, or 5 brushes for the same use based on your preferences.

The three brushes pictured I’ve purchased from their website over 3 years ago and they still perform like they did the first year. The M438 is ideal for setting powder under the eyes. The M510 is the best for highlighting. The E36 is the perfect soft bristle pencil brush for blending out the bottom lash line or highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.

The palette I purchased at the same time is the 35F (don’t mention how dirty it is; trust me I know). To me, this is the perfect palette! It has every warm shimmery shade you could ask for that are so creamy and smooth. They apply like an absolute dream, and if you use an eyelid primer the shadows last all day long.

I think you can tell from the picture how much I’ve loved on this palette. The matte shades and the golden shades are my favorites, but they are all incredible.


Ok, I have to start this one off by saying this eyeshadow is everything! It’s one of their Bella Eyes Gel Powder eyeshadows. They unfortunately don’t sell this particular shade anymore, which is Bella Sand, but they do still have 10 incredibly delicious looking shades. The formula of this product is super soft and is so buildable. You can use if for so many different things. Some of my favorite ways to use it are as an inner corner highlight, face highlight, and to add a little shimmer to the center of the lip to add dimension to a flat lipstick color.

Now that that’s out of the way we can talk about the brand itself.

Milani has earned a title of sophistication and class in the makeup world. They have most beautiful collections of palettes, brushes, and kits with various makeup items. They’re not exactly known for having the most affordable of products, which is why I don’t have many products to talk about, but they sure are worth the money. If you’ve been looking at buying their makeup but haven’t made the purchase, I would encourage you to at least try some of the products I have been loving.

They have so many lipsticks to choose from, as well. The one pictured is such a beautiful and interesting shade. Uptown Mauve is one in the Color Statement Lipstick line. They have a wide range of pinks, reds, and nudes. There’s even a black shade that must be most interesting!

Uptown Mauve is a bright, pigmented, yet buildable magenta violet mauve color. It is a long lasting, yet very hydrating lipstick. It can be sheered out into a lip stain, or built up to a striking unforgettable lip. You could even take a tissue and some loose powder to make this lipstick matte. Simply take the tissue apart so you only have 1 ply, press it against your lips, and dust loose powder overtop the tissue.

Final Thoughts

There are lots more cruelty free makeup brands than the ones I have presented here. If you’d like to hear about more companies, maybe some lesser known ones, let us know! I would love to make more posts featuring cruelty free makeup.

Happy makeup-ing!


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