Black Friday Game Plan

Black Friday Game Plan

Hey everyone! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Holy cow! Where did the time go?? It’s even harder to believe that the day after tomorrow is Black Friday!


Isn’t Black Friday a strange Holiday-type event? It’s literally just people lining up outside of department stores, killing themselves (and everyone else) trying to get inside first.


Truthfully, I don’t understand the in-store event and that’s why I don’t participate. Plus, I value my own life.


I do, however, appreciate the Black Friday online event and the Cyber Monday event! It’s all the savings and fun of Black Friday without all the drama and danger of the in-person event.


Yes, there really are online savings on Black Friday, too!


Why Participate In Black Friday?

The first year that I participated in the online savings event of the year, I was profoundly unprepared and didn’t really accomplish much.


However, the next year I managed to buy multiple gifts for 9 people without spending over 200$ total.


When I say that I bought ‘multiple gifts’, I mean that I bought each of my brothers/sisters 4 different items (something they wanted, something they needed, something to wear, and something to read) and spent a total of 25$ on each of them.


That’s seriously nuts considering that most of those items would’ve come out to about 20$ or more on their own!


As you can see, there are some serious savings to be had at Christmas-time simply by doing your shopping early!


It’s even more convenient if you do the online Black Friday/Cyber Monday events because everything gets delivered, so you don’t even have to make time to do the hour-long shopping expeditions for Christmas gifts. It’s a win-win situation!


Photo Credit: Savannah Elyse


Where to Start

Black Friday has a way of making itself intimidating, but don’t be afraid. I’m going to help you get through this!


The best place to start once you decide you want to participate in Black Friday is to make a list of all the people who you want to give Christmas gifts to. Then, start brainstorming gift ideas for each of those people. I’d recommend writing down 10 gift ideas (of varying prices) for every person on your list.


You’ll also need to set a budget for yourself because that’s the whole purpose of participating in Black Friday anyway- to save money! You can either set a budget per person or a total budget, whatever you prefer.


Next, use your list to do research on the many different stores participating in Black Friday. Use your gift idea list as a guide!


Some of your family/friends may request things of a specific brand or from a specific store, so make sure that you check out those websites ahead of time AND on the day of the sale.


Unfortunately, some stores/websites don’t release the deals ahead of time so you may have to do some scrambling Thanksgiving night to check all the sites that you have the most interest in.


For the stores/brands that release their deals ahead of time, I’d jot down what deals you want to take advantage of so that you can have a simple resource to reference on Black Friday. It will save you a ton of time on the day of and will keep you from forgetting anything important, which definitely happens in the chaos of trying to shop for multiple people at once!


Another thing you should write down is when the deals start. That will help you know when to get online and do your shopping.


Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Not all stores do online specials on Black Friday, but virtually all stores that have a website do Cyber Monday.


Personally, I prefer the online Black Friday deals to the Cyber Monday Deals. One time I actually waited the whole weekend for Cyber Monday deals to come out because I thought those deals would be better and they weren’t.


Which Stores Have the Best Deals?

Here’s a list of the stores where I do most of my online Black Friday shopping:


  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Old Navy
  • JC Penney
  • Ulta
  • Kohl’s


Note: If you know you can’t get your needed gift items from these stores, don’t fret! Like I said before, most stores that have a website will do either an online Black Friday event or a Cyber Monday event or both!


I also want to mention that online Black Friday deals usually include free shipping, but not always.


Click Fast-Before It’s Sold Out

It wouldn’t be Black Friday if things didn’t sell out like they were going out of style, so you should definitely aim to be online as soon as the deals start (usually in the evening hours of Thanksgiving).


For example, if a store’s online event starts at 6 p.m., you should absolutely go online at 6pm


Depending on the item, you should be able to get whatever it is you’re wanting as long as you get online early in the night. It gets a little sketchy if you wait until late to do your shopping, though.


To further lower the chances of your items being sold out by the time you order them, you should absolutely reference the piece of paper I mentioned earlier. That piece of paper should have all the items/stores/deals listed that you want to check out!


I’d suggest buying the items you know you want to buy first and then searching the sites for any new or unreleased deals later. In the time it takes you to search through all the sites and find out the unreleased deals, one of your must-have items will definitely be sold out!


And there you have it – that’s the secret to my money-saving Black Friday Game Plan!


Before I go, does anyone know of any other online stores that have great Black Friday deals?? Let me know in the comments!


Speak soon!



Check in tomorrow to learn how to be thankful during Thanksgiving.


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