Christmas Crafts (For Kids)

Christmas Crafts (For Kids)

When I was in elementary school and it was craft day, I remember being so excited!! I really liked all kinds of crafts, but Holiday crafts were definitely my favorite. The nice thing about where I went to elementary school was that we did crafts all the time. Who knows? Maybe that’s why I’m so creative now!


Crafts are such a fun way to spend quality time with your little ones. Not only do they spark your child’s imagination and creativity, but usually the adults have fun doing them, too!


Anyway, I think your kids are going to love these crafts, I’m sure of it! So, you better get to work!

Mica and Jack’s Crafts

Holiday Family Portrait

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Jack (my NK) and I had a really fun time making this craft together! He was too little to draw the pictures himself, but he did know who the people were (even the cats!) when I drew them. I feel like the personal aspect of the drawing was what made it so fun for Jack because he loves the Christmas tree and he adores his family.


It was the perfect way to represent all the things he loves in one!


Shopping List

  • Piece of paper
  • Washable markers



  1. Get out the paper and washable markers and place them on a flat surface (preferably somewhere that will be easy to wipe off in case your child misses the paper while they are coloring).
  2. Decide what you are going to draw. If your child is of talking age, ask him or her what they would like to draw. If your child can’t talk yet, try thinking about the things they have been interested in lately. Do they like the Christmas tree? How about houses with Christmas lights? What about all the decorations of Santa with his reindeer? Once you decide on the Holiday theme, consider how you want to incorporate the family into the portrait.
  3. Start drawing! I would suggest that you draw the outlines first and then guide your little one on where to color. Obviously, this will not be a perfect family portrait, but it’s the thought that counts and your little one will really enjoy getting to see their family come to life on the page!
  4. Hang up the picture to let your kiddo know how much you enjoy his or hers artwork!


Pom-Pom Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


As I mentioned before, Jack’s favorite thing about Christmas right now is the Christmas tree! I can’t blame him, can I? All those shiny lights and ornaments on such a massive green, fluffy tree that’s inside the house…I can definitely see the appeal!


The only downside to the Christmas tree being Jack’s favorite thing right now is that he’s very tempted to take all the ornaments down and play with them. So, I figured a good solution, or at least a good temporary distraction, would be for him to create his own Christmas tree that he can decorate any way he likes!


Shopping List

  • Green paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear or white Glue (preferably stick glue because it’s less messy, but liquid glue would hold on the pom-poms better so it’s up to you!)
  • Small or medium-sized pom-poms
  • Brown toilet paper roll



  1. Use the scissors to cut the green paper into a Christmas tree shape. You can get as fancy or stay as simple with this as you would like. If your child is old enough to handle scissors safely then you can let them do this step on their own, but with Jack not even being two-years-old yet I did this step for him.
  2. Use the scissors to cut the yellow paper into a small star shape.
  3. Put glue on the tip of the Christmas tree and push the star onto the glue. Try not to mess with the star after you’ve glued it on because it will need to dry.
  4. Put glue all over the rest of the Christmas tree and start attaching pom-poms wherever you like.
  5. Let the tree dry for a few hours.
  6. Stand the toilet paper roll on its end and cut two slits at the top on opposite sides of the roll. The idea here is that the toilet paper roll will serve as the trunk of the tree and you should be able to slide the tree into the slits so the tree sits upright (see picture for a visual of this).

Briggy and James’ Crafts

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


Salt Dough Ornaments

My son loved painting this fun craft! He wasn’t much help with the imprints (I confess he was asleep at the time of the handprint), but he is really enjoying the finished products! We made a star, handprint, a sign with a J, and macaroons!


Shopping List

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • ¾ cup water
  • Food coloring
  • Rolling pin
  • Cutting board
  • Spatula
  • Cookie cutters
  • Oven
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Mod podge/acrylic paint sealant
  • Ribbon/ string



  1. Mix flour and salt. Bring ¾ cup water to a very slight boil, then mix into flour and salt thoroughly. Add coloring of choice and knead dough.
  2. Sprinkle a layer of flour on your hands, cutting board, and rolling pin. Roll out your dough into about ¼ inch thick and start cutting your ornaments into the desired shapes.
  3. After making imprints, let them air dry for one day, or bake at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour or until dry. Let them dry longer if they are thicker.
  4. After they are dry, paint and decorate. Then seal them with Mod Podge it an acrylic paint sealant. Let dry, add ribbons or string, and hang!


Happy Crafting!


Mica & Briggy


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