Coming Into the Christmas Mindset

Coming Into the Christmas Mindset

Hey everyone!!! (: Happy Saturday and 1st day of December! Today I want to talk about coming into the Christmas mindset because I know that while many people think of Christmas time as the most wonderful time of year, there are still many other people who struggle to find joy during this time.


Whether you’ve had positive Christmas memories or not, there are plenty of things you can do to try and make this Holiday season the best one yet!

Enjoy the Time Off Work

There aren’t a whole lot of times throughout the year where you get time off work as you do at Christmas time, so enjoy this time as much as you can!


Out of all the Holidays, I think Christmas takes the cake when it comes to family and friends coming into town. Use your time off work to catch up with old friends and spend time with your extended family.


Some of my favorite Christmas memories involve playing games with my cousins or talking with my grandparents at the Christmas Cabin our whole family rents annually in December! Another one of my favorite parts of this Holiday Season is getting to experience my childhood traditions.


There’s just something about going home for the Holidays that makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love getting to make Christmas cookies with my mom and snuggling up with my family and watching Christmas Vacation (which is so funny, by the way, you’ll laugh until you cry!).


Use your time off work to make the very most of this break from regular, everyday life and try to make some happy memories, too!


Take Part in the Festivities


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Christmas has so much to offer when it comes to fun Holiday festivities!


You could go look at Christmas lights, see a Christmas show, watch a Christmas parade, go ice skating, make Christmas cookies, throw a Christmas party, go Christmas caroling, watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, build a snowman, etc.. The possibilities may actually be endless in this instance!


For me, personally, I’ve noticed that the more of these activities I do, the more positive and fun my overall Christmas experience is. All it takes is actually making yourself go out and have fun!

Spread the Christmas Cheer

It seems to me that people become much more courteous and more considerate the closer it gets to Christmas. I’ve had full meals, groceries, and even coffee bought for me by random strangers in line at grocery stores or restaurants!


Try to focus on these little acts of kindness and even pay them forward if you can! When someone does something nice for me, like buying my coffee at Starbucks, I usually try to buy coffee for the next person in line.


It’s a simple way to spread the Christmas cheer and possibly give someone their first positive Christmas time experience. It’s also very rare that people are this happy, so revel in that as much as possible! Everyone will be going back to being assholes soon enough!

Try New Things

For those of you who struggle to get through the Christmas season (whether that’s because of family issues, an unfortunate financial situation, or any number of unfortunate circumstances), the key to making it the best it can be merely is trying something new.


Have you ever heard the saying, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”? I feel like the same applies to this in some ways. Think back to past Christmases and what exactly it was about them that made you so unhappy and then try to avoid those activities or people as much as you can.


If your family is the issue, then consider maybe staying home this year and spending it with your friends. If finances are troubling you, keep in mind that gifts aren’t the most important part of Christmas. More than likely, all the people you care about just want to see you; they could care less if you come bearing gifts!


I think the most important thing of all if you struggle during Christmas time is to focus on the things that you can control. There are so many moving parts to Christmas, so I understand that some of it may be out of your control. However, there are definitely still things that are in your control that you can use to feel empowered!


Do your best to keep your mindset right this Christmas! Who knows? This may be your best one yet!

I hope your December is already off to a great start! (:


Speak soon!




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