The Cure For A Rainy Day

The Cure For A Rainy Day


Rainy days have gotten a bad rap, but I find they are not as bad as they seem. Maybe I’m impartial, but I’ve always loved and been intrigued by the dreaded rainy day. The key to not just surviving, but actually enjoying, a rainy day lies all in a person’s perspective.


You see, the thing that’s so terrible about rainy days is it’s so far from the weather people consider “normal”. There’s no blue sky or bright sun which causes people’s mood’s to take a turn for the worst.


These emotions and feelings by themselves aren’t bad. It’s okay, even healthy, to simply feel sad. The important part to remember is that feelings are only feelings and they will pass, so don’t give them too much weight or attention.


If we didn’t feel sad sometimes, we wouldn’t appreciate happiness and joy nearly as much. It’s what the individual does in response to those feelings and emotions that can cause problems. Rainy days and their effects are frustrating, but I’ve managed to find joy and inspiration in the rain thanks to a few helpful rainy day habits.


Turn Up The Music


Music is such a pillar in my life; I incorporate it into my every day. If you know the right music to listen to, rainy days definitely become more bearable.


On rainy days, I would recommend listening to music with a slower pace (but not too slow!) and something with unique character to it. Avoid songs with a sadder vibe as this often compounds the effect of a dark sky.


I find alternative music to be a perfect fit for that bill! The songs make the day more interesting, instead of ‘bleh’,


Songs on my rainy day playlist are “The Bird” by Anderson Paak, “Hollywood” by the Gorillaz, and “Salvation” by Tash Sultana. If you listen to these songs, you’ll notice that none of them are particularly downers. “The Bird” is slow, but it’s got a lighthearted instrumental to it. I also find that listening to classical music or just instrumentals when it rains is really nice.


Learning to See the Beauty of the Rain


Growing up, the rain has always held a special place in my heart. As a teenager, I could relate to the cloudy, dark, and teary weather as if it were just an external manifestation of my inner feelings.


As out-there as it sounds,

I felt the rain and I had a personal

understanding of one another.


The ability for rain clouds to evoke such emotion harvested a strong admiration and love for rainy weather.


I’m a new person after it rains; it’s like I’ve been cleansed of my sadness and hurts. I feel pleasantly overwhelmed by waves of peace and resolve. When it rains, it gives me the opportunity to take a look at the world using a different lens; a lens that stresses the clues and purples and greys of the world and gives everything an icy glow.


It’s fascinating when you realize how different certain things can look simply because of a different state of our atmosphere. The rain can do such profound work on people and that’s why I love it so much.


Get In Some You-Time


I don’t know about you, but I love to spend my rainy days reading books, watching movies, and eating at McAlister’s… just getting good ‘me time’ in.


Actually, here’s a fun fact: I only eat at McAlister’s on rainy days. It wasn’t something I did intentionally, but it stuck and now rainy days don’t feel the same without eating there! It helps bring a little sunshine to my day and makes me happier.


I would advise for you  to take advantage of your next rainy day. Use it to do the things you don’t ever have time to do, but love to do, nonetheless.


Finish that book that’s been on your nightstand for 3 months; watch that movie all of your friends have been telling you about; try out the new coffee shop you drive by every day on your way to work… The possibilities are endless!


If you insist on being prolific, maybe use your rainy day catch up on laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal prep, organizing, etc..

Rainy Days really aren’t so bad…


Rainy days get a bad rap, but if you know the right songs to listen to,  keep the right mindset, and engage in some stimulating and fun activities, I think you’ll grow to love and appreciate the rain like I do.


A sunny day can seem just as dull as a rainy day if you spend it inside all day. It’s all about what you do to make your day as full as it can be!


Hope this helps you the next time you see a rainy day in the forecast!










I am not a healthcare professional and as such, the contents of this post are my opinions and are not a substitute for medical advice from a medical professional.

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  1. Great post. I’m a fan of rainy days myself. They always make me slow down and just reflect on whatever is happening in my life at the time.

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