Daily Meditation for Stress Relief

Daily Meditation for Stress Relief

Hey friends! Happy Saturday!


Weekends are the perfect time to de-stress from a long week at work, while getting rested up for the next one. Relaxing doesn’t have to be a weekends only activity, though! In fact, one of my favorite forms of relaxation is meditation and there are plenty of ways to sneak meditation into your daily routine.


If you do it right, your weeks will feel stress-free, despite the chaotic work week.

Stress-Reducing Meditation Apps


The apps available for meditation support are limitless! One of my favorites is . ‘Simple Habit- Meditation’. It’s a really popular app right now because it’s fairly easy to fit into your current routine. The app only requires five minutes of your time per day.


Some honorable mentions are ‘Headspace: Meditation’, ‘Calm’, and ‘Meditation Studio’. However, all four of these apps require some sort of subscription to take advantage of all of the features.


The app that’s currently piqued my interest is ‘Oak Meditation & Breathing’. I love the natural, bohemian design of the app. It’s very relaxing from the get-go and allows you to set notifications for yourself every day, so you don’t forget!


It also has three different sections you can choose from for your daily meditation- Meditate, Breathe, and Sleep.




If you’d like to combine your physical exercise and your meditation, you should participate in yoga! Honestly, the calm, breathing part of yoga is what keeps me coming back to it, because there’s nothing quite like it! The relaxing feeling you have after you finish your yoga session gives you such a sense of relief and peace, both mentally and physically.


The app ‘Yoga Studio: Mind and Body’ has great videos to assist you at any level of yoga. They even have video yoga classes strictly dedicated to relaxation, so I highly recommend it!


The Art of Mindfulness


Recently, I’ve started to gravitate to the concept of mindfulness. Life is constantly overwhelming and I find myself struggling with racing thoughts and crazy anxiety. These strong emotions have pushed me to work on practicing mindfulness in my life and I think it would help you, too.


Mindfulness is as easy as turning your music down on your drive home from work and focusing on the road and what you’re doing. Notice the area that you’re driving in, what stores you’re near, and what the weather is like. The point is to keep yourself in the present. Don’t disappear into your head, instead revel in your surroundings.


Baby Steps


Don’t overwhelm yourself when you start implementing daily meditation into your schedule. I’m a big fan of baby steps! Start with something small, like turning your music down or going for a walk and admiring the nature around you.


Meditation is a practice and it isn’t always easy. Stick with it and soon you’ll be able to mentally combat the chaos in your weekly life.


Have a great weekend! Talk soon. 🙂




I am not a healthcare professional and as such, the contents of this post are my opinions and are not a substitute for medical advice from a medical professional.


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