Dallas Holiday Date Ideas

Dallas Holiday Date Ideas

Hi everyone! Christmas tends to be a time full of much happiness and love. It seems like couples are everywhere during this time of year. Everywhere you turn, lovers are holding hands and smiling gaily without a care in the world!


It’s enjoyable being in love in December because the whole world seems to be celebrating with you! No matter where you go, people are happy and it feels like everyone is moving to the beat of the same drum. Not to mention there are literally tons of Christmas festivities you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can do together!


Since I’m from Dallas and have been able to have quite a few great Christmases here, I would like to share with all my fellow Dallas couples some of my favorite Holiday activities that would be perfect for you next December date night!


Whether it’s sharing a warm cup of hot cocoa with the one you love or going out and enjoying all the festivities Christmas has to offer, Dallas couples definitely have a lot of options to keep things interesting and have some fun this December!

Ice Skating at the Galleria

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


For many people in Dallas ice skating at the Galleria at Christmas time is a tradition. You can get something to eat, enjoy all the pretty Christmas decorations, and then take your loved one ice skating around a beautifully decorated (and massive) Christmas tree!


I went ice skating at the Galleria two years ago for the first time and now it’s definitely something that I want to start doing annually! All the decorations are fantastic, the music is perfect, and the ice skating experience is such a great way to spend time with the ones you love.


You’ll laugh. You might cry. And you’ll definitely have a bruised bottom by the end of it!

See The Nutcracker

I’ve seen The Nutcracker a few times now and I even performed in one back in my dance days in middle school! (No, no….let’s please not break out the video).


There’s just something so eloquent about dressing up to go to the ballet around Christmas time. You look beautiful and he (your boyfriend) looks handsome and you get to hear gorgeous music while watching stunning dancers. It really is quite the experience!  


Numerous ballet studios and companies all over the DFW metroplex put on The Nutcracker every year, so do a quick Google search to find the one nearest to you and then buy tickets! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Bonus: While you’re there, don’t forget to buy a Nutcracker doll! They’re such a timeless part of Christmas and make great decorations.


Watch Christmas Movies

Who said staying in and watching Christmas movies isn’t a date???


Watching Christmas movies and snuggling up with the person you love is such an excellent way to spend December nights! Get some snacks, drink some hot cocoa, and let all the warm, fuzzy feelings settle in.


If you need some Christmas movie suggestions, say no more! As part of our Blogmas (or 25 Days of Christmas Special), there will be 2 other posts dedicated to great Christmas movies.


For now, though, here are my top 3 favorite Christmas movies:



  • Christmas Vacation
  • Deck the Halls
  • Elf


Look at Christmas Lights

Photo Credit: Kayla Brasel


A tradition my family had when I was growing up was driving through neighborhoods with my parents and looking at all the Christmas lights. My desire to do that every year has never entirely been lost since then!


Make this a fun date night by being spontaneous and going out to dinner, getting coffee or hot cocoa afterward, turning up the Christmas tunes, and relaxing as you cruise through beautifully decorated neighborhoods.  


Go to A Christmas Concert

There is live Christmas music playing all over Dallas, especially in the downtown area!


I’d recommend dressing warmly and going downtown to watch some great musicians spread the Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear! (Did you get my reference to the movie Elf in the last sentence?? But seriously, you’ve got to watch that movie if you haven’t seen it already!)


As an added bonus, downtown is always so nicely decorated during this time of year, so being able to see all the decorations and lights is a treat, too!


Do any of you have any Holiday date ideas to share???


I’d love to read them in the comments!!!


Speak soon!



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