DIY Gifts For Nanny Kids to Give Their Parents

DIY Gifts For Nanny Kids to Give Their Parents

Hey guys! Something about the Holidays just brings out the inner gift-giver in me. I like surprising people and seeing their face light up, even if I only give them something small. It’s a great feeling and I’m sure many of you would agree!


As a nanny, sometimes you get matched with a really wonderful family and want to go the extra mile for them. A great way to do this is to give them a thoughtful gift and what better kind of gift to give them than something that you helped their son/daughter make?


My current nanny family and I have an excellent relationship and I’ve helped my NK (nanny kid), Jack, make DIY gifts for both of his parents. The gifts were huge hits and so I thought with Christmas coming up this would be a fantastic opportunity to share these sweet gifts with all of you to replicate for your own NFs!




You Are My Sunshine Painting

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Jack and I gave this to his mom on Mother’s Day this year and it was truly the perfect gift!


When I first started working for this family, Jack’s mom saw my tattoo and loved it. My tattoo says “My Only Sunshine”- a testament to one of my favorite songs “You Are My Sunshine”. Apparently, that was and still is the song she sings to Jack every single night…


Funny how things work out, isn’t it???


Anyway, when Mother’s Day rolled around and I was trying to think up a nice gift for her, I came across a DIY Pinterest gift that used the lyrics to that song and knew that was the perfect gift!


Here’s an easy-to-replicate, detailed guide on how Jack and I made this:


Shopping List:

  • Two shades of yellow paint (one that’s pastel yellow and one that’s more of a true sunshine yellow)
  • Black paint or permanent marker (you’re going to be writing words with this, so get whichever is easier for you to write with)
  • Large sheet of paper/poster board
  • Large picture frame




  1. Buy all needed supplies.
  2. Lay your piece of paper/poster board on a flat surface.
  3. Take the black paint or permanent marker (whichever you prefer) and write “YOU ARE MY” on the top left of the piece of paper and then write “Sunshine” in the center of the paper. Pro tip: It’s best to do this step before doing the rest of the painting because if you mess up the writing right now you can just get another sheet of paper and start over. If you do the writing last and mess up, you’ll have to do the whole ordeal of painting your NK’s hands and feet all over again.
  4. Using your lightest shade of yellow paint, paint a sun on the bottom left corner of the paper (see picture for more help).
  5. If your NK is very young and has trouble staying still, I’d recommend putting them in a high chair before you start painting their hands and feet.
  6. Using your darkest shade of yellow, paint your NK’s feet, one foot at a time, and then put their right foot above the sun on the left side of the piece of paper (see picture for placement).
  7. Using the same foot as before (right), put their foot to the very right of the sun on the bottom right corner of the paper (see picture for placement).
  8. Put their painted left foot above the sun in the very center of the sun (see picture for placement).
  9. Take your NK to the sink or use wipes and clean all the paint off their feet.
  10. Using your lightest shade of yellow (the same shade you used for the sun) and paint your NK’s hands, one at a time.
  11. Put one handprint in between each of the footprints.
  12. Repeat step 8 (except applying to their hands).
  13. Write your NK’s name and the date on the back of the piece of paper so his/her parents will always remember when this was given to them.
  14. Wait 24 hours for everything to dry completely.
  15. Frame the painting.

“Best Grill Master- Hands Down” Grill Platter

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Jack and I made this for his dad back in June for Father’s Day and it’s been very well-used since then!


It didn’t take me very long after I started working here to catch on to the fact that Jack’s dad really likes to grill. So, when I was browsing Pinterest for DIY gift ideas and saw this grill plate, I knew it would be a hit!


Before I share the DIY guide with you, I’d also like to point out that you could adapt this craft to just about any type of plate, cup, bowl, etc.. as long as it’s oven-safe. You can also obviously change the text to fit whatever it is that your DB (dad boss) (or even MB (mom boss)) is into!


Here’s an easy-to-replicate, detailed guide on how Jack and I made this:


Shopping List:

  • Oven-safe platter (or some type of dinnerware)
  • 3 different colors of paint, not washable paint
  • Tape (any kind works)
  • Small paintbrush (you’ll be writing with this)



  1. Use tape to make the word “DAD” in the center of the platter. Be very careful here and do your best to make sure that no pieces of tape are sticking up. You definitely don’t want the paint seeping under the tape.
  2. Paint your NK’s hand one of the paint colors and start making numerous handprints using that color all over the tape.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all the colors of paint. It’s totally fine if the handprints overlap!
  4. Using your paintbrush, write “Best GRILL Master” in an arch above the handprints. Then, write the words “HANDS DOWN” in an arch under the handprints. Get it? Hands down!
  5. Peel the tape off, making sure you can clearly read “DAD”.
  6. Let dry for 24 hours.
  7. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  8. Bake platter for 35 minutes to set the paint.


All that really matters is that the gift is from the heart!


I’ll be completely honest in saying that these were both very messy DIY gifts to make, but it was all worth it when I saw how happy Jack’s parents were when they saw them!


I’d love to see what all you other nannies have made for your NFs in the past! Comment the pics! (:


Speak soon!




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