Dressing Your Kids for the Coming Cold

Dressing Your Kids for the Coming Cold

Hey guys!(: We all know that keeping our kiddos/NK’s protected from the cold is important. It can be tricky, though, when you’re dealing with very young children who can’t express their needs yet. It would be awful not to know your little ones are cold simply because they can’t communicate!


There are also many first-time nannies and mommies out there that already have some idea of what to do to keep their babies warm, but may want some extra tips in case they’ve overlooked something.


It’s always good to take the initiative to learn more about protecting your child(ren), so thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you find it helpful!

Keep Those Little Toes Warm With Socks!

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Socks are so important during this time of year!


Your kiddos definitely need to be wearing socks  with their shoes anytime they go outside. Regular socks work just fine, but you can also find warmer sock options like wool, for example.


Heat warmers are another great option to make sure your kiddo’s feet stay warm.  However, I would not recommend this for children who can’t talk yet because they won’t be able to tell you if the warmers are too hot.


Heat warmers + children incapable of communication = recipe for disaster!

Jackets and Coats to Save the Day


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Making sure your kids are wearing a jacket and/or coat when they go outside is a must!


The nice thing about jackets and coats are that they’re usually a little bit big so you can wear layers underneath them. If it’s super cold out, you can always put a jacket on under your child’s coat for added warmth, in addition to whatever shirt or sweater they may be wearing.


Also, don’t forget to put the hood up on the coats when you go on outings! It’s easy to forget , but it’s very necessary. You don’t want their little ears or faces to get too cold!


They’re Called ‘Sweatpants’ for A Reason

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While jeans are definitely a viable wintertime attire option, sweatpants are warmer!


Sweatpants are a great staple to have in your child’s wardrobe because they’re usually fairly inexpensive and are made in neutral colors (which means they match everything!). I think it goes without mentioning that they’re incredibly comfortable, too!


If jeans are your only option, I’d recommend getting some thermal underwear to put underneath them on very cold days or use fleece-lined jeans for added warmth.

Wrap Them Up In Scarves, Gloves, and a Hat

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Ah! The classic cold weather clothing trio!


Out of all 3 of these wintertime accessories, I think gloves are most important. If your child already has a coat with a hood then the only thing on their body that isn’t safe from the cold is their hands (and their face, of course).


I don’t think gloves are necessary every single day, but they are a must have on days where you’re going to be outside a lot or even possibly playing in the snow. There is nothing worse than freezing fingers!! Ouch!


As far as hats and scarves are concerned, you can’t go wrong with having a spare for your child for those freak winter storms that seem to come every year! Although, if you live in a place that has bitter winters, scarves and hats may be necessary on a daily basis.


Pro-Tip: If you want something that serves basically the same purpose as a scarf but without all the hassle, you should consider a turtleneck! It can’t fall off and get lost + they’re super cozy and warm!


No One Wants Snow In Their Shoes!

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This may not be a huge concern for everyone since weather is different all over the world, but it’s always good to choose the right shoes for your child when you go out!


If it’s snowing or raining, try choosing shoes that don’t allow snow or rain to easily get inside them or soak them through. For this purpose, boots or sneakers are going to be your best options.


This is a really easy step to forget when dressing kids for the cold, but no one wants snow (or rain) in their shoes!


Layers, Layers, Layers

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie

Layering is a great option for adding warmth to a child’s outfit!


Here are some layering options to consider:


  1. A hat + a coat hood over it
  2. Thermal underwear under jeans or sweatpants
  3. Jacket + coat on top
  4. Thermal underwear under short-sleeved shirts
  5. Shirts + sweaters
  6. Two pairs of socks


Whether it’s layering thermal underwear under their jeans or sweatpants or making them wear two pairs of socks, layering is going to be your friend this winter. Don’t be afraid to be the bad guy who makes your kids take fifteen minutes just to get ready to face the cold.


I’m sure we can all agree that the frustration they have about taking so long to get ready to go out is better than any discomfort, pain, or problems that may come from them not being warm enough!


Stay Warm!


Speak soon!



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