Easy Guide to Post-Halloween Detox

Easy Guide to Post-Halloween Detox

Hey guys! (: Tomorrow is the big day! I’m really excited to dress up, hand out candy, and even indulge in a little sugar binge myself, but I’m not very excited about what the sugar’s going to do to my body and how I’m going to feel for days afterward. I know that I’m not alone in feeling this way, so I want to provide you with an easy guide to Post-Halloween Detox!


Detoxing from Candy Galore


Halloween seems to have this way of making me feel and look like absolute crap. All of that candy makes me feel sluggish, bloated, and nauseous, not to mention that overeating sugar can cause breakouts!


Detox Water


Detox water is a prevalent concept and has been for a while! It’s different from regular water in the fact that it usually has fruits, vegetables, or other natural ingredients in it to help cleanse your system faster than regular water.


Here is a detox water recipe you can try!


Pro-tip: Ginger is something you could add to your detox water for additional detoxing benefits


Making Healthy Food Choices


One of the fastest ways to get your body back on track after your Halloween cheat day is to get back into a routine of eating healthy. Nothing quite beats letting the good stuff kick the bad stuff out of your system!


Get Moving


Physical exercise will also help speed up the detoxification process because it improves the functioning of your digestive system, which basically just means exercising helps your body expel waste promptly so it’s not sitting in your system causing bloating and discomfort.


Regular Water


Even though detox water tends to have more benefits than regular water when it comes to detoxing, regular water is still something you should be drinking very often throughout the day. Water has a significant effect on our bodies because it plays such an instrumental role in keeping our body systems functioning properly.


Getting Your Glow Back


Dressing up and doing crazy makeup is one of my favorite parts of Halloween, but, unfortunately, I usually end up with pretty severe breakouts because the majority of quality of Halloween makeup isn’t that great (unless, of course, you’re willing to spend a lot of money on Halloween makeup).


Daily Skincare Routine


For me, personally, I’ve noticed that getting back to my regular skincare routine after Halloween has helped me the most. Make sure you cleanse your face really well on Halloween night to ensure all of the Halloween makeup comes off.


If you wanted to take it a step further, you could do a detoxifying face mask to help break down the thick makeup and draw out toxins!




Staying hydrated is great for detoxing your skin because it helps to flush toxins from your body!


Happy Halloween!!!

I hope this guide leads you to have a happier and healthier post-Halloween experience!


Speak Soon!




I am not a healthcare professional and as such, the contents of this post are my opinions and are not a substitute for medical advice from a medical professional.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Guide to Post-Halloween Detox

  1. The detox water is such a great idea! I haven’t actually been eating a lot of candy. I’m more of a honey bun kind of girl lol. But I love your tips! Great post!

    1. Thank you, Shalycee! There are so many recipes for detox water out there so it’s nice that you can switch up the recipe, too!

      Yeah, I’m not really a candy girl, either. Cookies are my weakness!!


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