Fall in Love With This Fall Playlist

Fall in Love With This Fall Playlist

The Fall season is a very interesting time of year. My boyfriend and I were actually just discussing how Fall brings up this nostalgic attitude that’s a complete one-eighty from the party attitude many people have during the Summer.


Lately, I’ve found my mind going back to this time of year in years past and I can’t say that I mind it. It’s nice to slow down from a crazy summer and just chill to music that highlights the very best aspects of Fall.


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Here are the tunes I’ve been jamming to so far this Fall:



  • album1 by San Holo. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this album since I first downloaded it. Some songs are better than others, which is typical with any album. My favorite songs on this album are “everything matters”, “lift me from the ground”, and “worthy”.


  • QUAVO HUNCHO by Quavo. Quavo is a part of the (3) Migos and I’ve been a fan of the group since about March. Believe it or not, this is actually Quavo’s first solo album. He’s usually seen more as a featured artists in other hip-hop and sometimes pop songs. The whole album is honestly dope, but my favorite songs are “BIGGEST ALLEY OOP”, “BUBBLE GUM”, and “LOST”.


  • Flow State by Tash Sultana. You will get lost in this album if you’re an acid-jazz/alternative music fan! I love how she makes such interesting musical choices because it keeps the listener interested in the album the entire time. My favorite songs on this album are “Seven”, “Salvation”, and “Pink Moon”.


  • “Yellow Eyes” by Rayland Baxter. This song is an alternative gem that’s perfect for Fall. The song is easy-going and nostalgic in nature.


  • “In Now and Then” by Cataldo. I think what originally struck me about this song is it’s strong piano melody that always makes its way back to the forefront of your attention. It’s hypnotic and can even be grounding at times. I’d recommend listening to this on a rainy day; it’s the perfect complement to a day like that!


  • “Ancient Mars” by The Zolas. This song is funky without getting too wild and that’s why I like it so much. It’s got a strong drum beat, but it’s not so strong as to get your heart-rate up, which makes it great for just relaxing.


  • “Medals” by FAVELA. There are so many things I like about this song! First of all, this guy’s voice is so unique; it’ll draw you in before you know it. I really like the lyrics because it speaks about a man struggling to keep his priorities right. He’s constantly being bombarded with society’s expectations and is daring to try to focus on other, more important things. I can respect and relate to that a lot. I think a lot of other people out there can relate, too. It’s also really interesting how it’s labeled as an Electronic song, yet it’s very sombre in nature.


  • “Take You Home” by slenderbodies. This song is straight-up groovy. That’s all I have to say!


  • “Lost in Japan (Remix)” by Shawn Mendes & Zedd. Some of you are probably very confused because I have never recommended a Shawn Mendes song to you before, but I assure that this one is actually really good. The beat is great and it makes you feel happy and want to dance! It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a dreary Fall day!


  • “Self Care” by Mac Miller. I’m really sad that I only started getting into Mac Miller after he died, but I’m also just in awe of him as an artist. My boyfriend, Hunter, showed me some of his music throughout the years and I was astounded by the progression of his music. This song in particular is my favorite because it’s got a lot of depth, musically and lyrically.


  • “Feels” by Calvin Harris featuring Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, and Big Sean).This song isn’t really all that special, but it’s nice to jam to if you just want something light and groovy!


  • “Leave It In My Dreams” by The Voidz. This is a very special song because the lead singer of this band is Julian Casablancas, who was the lead singer of another group (that’s no longer together, sadly) called The Strokes. The Voidz is Julian’s new band and I’m really glad that he’s still making music!


  • “Doses and Mimosas” by Cherub. For some reason, I think this song gives me memory loss because I’ve actually been listening to this song since March, but can never remember the name of the song or the band that made it! Thankfully, I remembered it this time and was able to include it in this playlist for all of you. This song is really great. It’s groovy, electric, and relaxing all in one.


  • “Beauty and Essex” by Free Nationals featuring Daniel Caesar & Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I’m a big fan of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and can’t believe I missed them when they were in Dallas not too long ago (cue annoyed eye-roll). This is their most recent release and even though it’s only a song they’re featured in, I think it’s great! It’s got such a nice vibe, nothing too serious.


  • “Falling” by Mansionair. If you like melancholy acoustic music, then this is for you! It’s very soft and sweet, but it’s also very sad.


  • “Bones Break” by EXES. I’m not a huge pop fan, but I really like this song. I like her attitude about the break-up she references in the lyrics. It’s more realistic than a lot of songs tend to be when they talk about heavy topics.


  • “System” by Sinead Harnett & JD. Reid. What a great example of R&B music this song is! It’s smooth and it’s about love. What more could you ask more?


  • “Better” by Khalid. I tend to like just about whatever Khalid puts out as far as music goes and he definitely did not disappoint with this song. My boyfriend isn’t that big of a Khalid fan, but even he said this song is dope.


  • “Don’t Matter To Me” by Drake & Michael Jackson. I’m pretty sure we all did a double-take when we read who the song was by and then after that we were all like, “what? Michael Jackson and Drake? Come on…” But this song is seriously amazing. Their voices work well together and the beat during the chorus will straight-up make you feel it in your bones.


  • “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz. I’ve become a huge fan of the Gorillaz since I was first introduced to them in March and this is probably my favorite song of theirs! If you have time, you should absolutely go watch some (or all) of their music videos. All of their music videos follow a set of cool cartoon characters and trippy visuals. I’d also recommend their song “Souk Eye”.


  • “Sunday Vibes” by Masego & Medasin. Technically, this song is classified as Hip-Hop/Rap, but it’s more like a groovy jazz song with a hip-hop beat behind it. There are no words in the entire song, but all the brass speaks for itself (cue heart-eye emoji). I can promise you will feel good after listening to this song…and then you’ll want to listen to it again.


Per request from our Instagram followers, we have created a Spotify account and now have our playlists from previous posts on there! Check our our account here.


If you’re more of a YouTube fan, that’s totally fine! We’ve got you covered. Listen here!


I hope you guys fall in love with this playlist as much as I have! Happy Fall! (:


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