The Most “Fitting” Thanksgiving Look

The Most “Fitting” Thanksgiving Look

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I change about a hundred times before deciding on my official Thanksgiving outfit of the year. I know it’s stupid because no one remembers stuff like that, but it really stresses me out!


Trying to find the happy medium between being warm, stylish, festive, and comfortable has had me spinning every single year, but this year I think I’m going to try a new tactic- pants that stretch, a Fall-colored top, a cute cardigan for extra warmth, and boots or flats for the shoes.


If you’re like me and find yourself stressing out Thanksgiving morning, hopefully, these tips will help you put together the most ‘fitting’ look for this Holiday (:


Photo Credit: Jess Epting

Wear Festive Fall Colors


I know it may be cliché, but I really enjoy wearing Fall colors on Thanksgiving! If you have anything orange, brown, or gold, those would be perfect additions to your Thanksgiving look. Other darker colors like dark purple, olive green, and mustard yellow would look nice, as well.


One year I did an orange top, high waisted skinny jeans, a cream knit cardigan and dark brown boots with gold accessories (cue heart-eyes emoji). Another year I wore a dark orange dress with dark brown boots and gold accessories.


Take some time to go through your clothing options and see if you have any Fall colored clothing items. If you do, have some fun playing around with different outfit options. Picking out your clothes doesn’t always have to be boring!


Break Out The Stretchy Pants

I feel like if there’s any Holiday that stretchy pants are acceptable, it’s definitely Thanksgiving! I mean, where are you supposed to hold all that food if your pants don’t stretch a little?


Leggings, skirts with flexible waistbands, dresses, and jeggings are all great options to consider when trying to choose the best pair of pants for your Thanksgiving activities. All of them have some ‘give’ in them to accommodate that hefty Thanksgiving dinner.


Don’t worry too much about ‘stretchy pants’ looking informal. These days it’s pretty tough to tell the regular jeans from jeggings, and, depending on how you style them, leggings can make outfits look really nice, too!


However, If you’d prefer to dress on the nicer end of the spectrum, you can absolutely wear a dress or a skirt that has a flexible waistband. I’ve done both of these options in the past on Thanksgiving and preferred the dress.


Dresses don’t tend to push on your stomach, whereas skirts have to be tight around your waist/hips at some point so they don’t fall down. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like the idea of anything pressing on my stomach, especially on Thanksgiving!


Choose Warm Makeup Options

Photo Credit: Kayla Brasel


This is a straightforward way to give your Thanksgiving look an extra boost of warmth.


Try using warm eye shadow colors like browns, oranges, and even soft reds. Golds and coppers also look lovely on Thanksgiving!


For your lips, I’d stick to neutrals- preferably nudes.


Bring Layers

Don’t forget to bring a cardigan, jacket, or coat, depending on the temperature in your area!


There’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy Thanksgiving because someone keeps their thermostat at sixty-five degrees or the whole family decides they want to play outdoor games.


Also, keep in mind that whatever type of layer you choose is another opportunity to bring the festive Fall colors into your look! If you have a brown/tan, cream, or maybe even a dark orange cardigan that would be a great addition to your outfit!


I’d recommend bringing an indoor type of clothing layer and an outdoor type of clothing area. You definitely don’t want to be too hot wearing your coat around the house, but too cold if you take it off.


Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable and confident because Thanksgiving is always a really long day!

Do your best to get creative with your Thanksgiving outfit this year, but make sure to stay true to who you are! You’re going to feel the best when you’re being/looking yourself (:


Speak soon!




Come back tomorrow to learn how to make the best Black Friday game plan!


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