Gift Guide for Kids

Gift Guide for Kids

Let’s face it. Kids can be challenging to buy for, but today you are in luck! The Quiet Nonsense team has put our heads together and put together this wonderful gift guide for you! We have quite a few nannies and moms on the team, so we know exactly what your kids want!


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Books are one of the best gift ideas to help kids develop their reading capabilities and enjoy it. While there are a great many books to choose from, we here at Quiet Nonsense feel you can never go wrong with Roald Dahl books.


I know what you could be thinking but books can be a great bonding experience between parents and their children. Taking time to sit with them and enjoy the story they are reading while helping them if they get stuck creates pleasant memories your child will remember for the rest of their life.


Usually, around Christmas time you can get a collection of books for quite cheap so have a shop around!


Passes to the zoo or aquarium

Here’s a thing we all know: Kids love animals. So get them a pass that will allow them to study the animals and have a fun day out exploring! To be honest, I still LOVE going to the zoo and if an adult still enjoys it… you know your kids will love it too.



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Have the kids been wanting to see the new movie that has recently come out? Buy them that! It’ll be great for them to sit down on Christmas Day or during the holidays and have a relaxing morning or evening watching it.


Board games

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These can be a great gift for when it’s a rainy day and the kids aren’t able to go outside and play. Although I don’t recommend getting them Monopoly. That has been destroying families since it came out!


Games such as Operation and Guess Who can be a lot of fun! Both are great games for all the family to join in and play!


Video games

Also another great gift idea for the kids to keep them distracted when the weather isn’t great. I always enjoyed playing Super Mario or just dance for girls if they enjoy dancing!

Stuffed animals

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Kids love stuffed animals. Get them there favourite animal stuffed toy. I bet they will have it in bed with them right away! Stuffed animals are a great source of comfort for kids and adults alike. Don’t think a stuffed animal is too simple. They will love it.



An easy gift to buy for kids is a selection box. Who doesn’t love getting sweets or chocolate for Christmas?


Colouring books and colours

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Colouring books are a great way to let kids imagination shine through. Don’t you just love when they colour the tree red or an elephant purple? It’s adorable and shows they have a creative mind.



Do they have a favourite Tv show? Why not buy them a character out of the show so they can start their own collection.


Other toys for boys can include Nerf guns, cars  and so much more.


Toys for girls can include dolls, barbies, etc.


Arts and Crafts supplies

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Another great way to let children’s imagination and creativity to shine through. Get them some clay or play dough and let them create figures like my brother has done! He has created figures from videos he watches on YouTube.


A special ornament to place on the tree.

This is a really special gift that can turn into a Christmas tradition. Read more about Christmas traditions to incorporate into your holidays here. ( add link to traditions post).


Then can begin collecting an ornament each year and will soon have their own collection of ornaments for their own Christmas tree when they move out.


Learn how to kits

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Give kids something new to learn. Maybe it will become a new hobby for them. Learn how to knit kits, learn how to build a car kits are examples. They will love it.


Kids love learning new things and showing it off to everyone. Give them confidence in knowing that they can do anything they want to.

Fuzzy slippers and pajamas

A perfect gift to give kids. They could wear these on Christmas eve while they are waiting for Santa. A tradition in my house is that we always have a nice bath then get into our brand new pajamas and slippers that we get from our aunt and uncle.


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Lego is another amazing way for kids to let their imagination soar. They can build anything they want once they set their minds to. Getting them a lego kit will keep them busy for so long. There are so many lego kits to choose from!


Anne xx


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