Gift Guide For Young Women

Gift Guide For Young Women

It’s that time of year where you’re scratching your head, trying to find the right gift for the young women in your life whether it’s your sister, niece, girlfriend, etc. Well, you are in luck! The Quiet Nonsense team has come together to bring this gift guide to you!


Gift Ideas for Beauty Enthusiasts


Bath salts

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie

She’ll love to lay back in a nice hot bath with some Epsom bath salts and relax. If they love bath essentials you should check out our latest blog post


Bath bombs

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie

Buy her a bath bomb and she will fill the water with fragrant essential oils, nourishing and moisturizing kinds of butter and oils, and additional items, such as flower petals, glitter, and color. She’ll love them.


Face masks

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie

Face masks have hit the beauty world by storm recently. They are great for cleaning your pores and soothing your skin.  




There are so many products to choose from. The options are endless! Absolutely endless. To be fair you might get a little lost but eye shadow and lipstick are good choices.


Photo Credit: Anne Carty

Girls always run out of perfume. One of my favorites is Victoria Secret’s Pure Seduction. It has a heavenly scent.


Sugar scrubs


These are also amazing for the skin. The gentle abrasion of the sugar scrub removes damaged and dry skin. She will love these!


Gift Ideas for a Picky Person


Gift cards

Everyone loves gift cards. Do they have a favorite shop? Get them a gift card so they can buy what they like instead of worrying all about if they like the gift you bought them or not. Easy gift!




Also another easy gift. Pop some cash in a card. Write a meaningful note and everyone is happy!


Gift Ideas for a Comfort Addict


House slippers


It’s winter now! I have always hated when it’s freezing in the morning and I get out of bed and the floor is freezing! House slippers are great for this problem.


Fuzzy socks


Fuzzy socks go well with a pair of pajamas. There is nothing better than being curled up on the couch wearing brand new pajamas, fuzzy socks and a cup of hot chocolate sitting in front of the fire.




I love getting pajamas as a gift! I am a colossal comfort addict so I definitely know this is a must-have gift for fellow comfort addicts.



Photo Credit: Anne Carty

Cozy, warm, fluffy blankets are great during the cold months.


Gift Ideas for a Sweet Tooth




Chocolate is a staple need in a girls life. You can’t go wrong with a nice box of chocolate or a selection box.




Christmas is the time of year when everyone’s healthy eating habits fly out the window! Why not help with that process by giving a box of sweets as a gift.




Nothing says Christmas like a box of homemade cookies! Making cookies as a gift shows how much you care and shows how much effort you put into this thoughtful gift.


Gift Ideas for a Lover of Jewelry

Photo Credit: Anne Carty

Every girl needs a bit of sparkle in her life so here are so ideas on what you can get. A piece of jewelry can be kept for a lifetime if taken care of.


  • Necklace
  • Bracelet  
  • Earrings
  • Ring


Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in Your Life


Having a fashionista in your life can be difficult. You might have no clue about fashion that’s why gift cards and money are good ideas.


Some ideas can include:

Checked Shirts

Photo Credit: Jess Epting

Checked shirts are a huge trend during the autumn and winter months. They are a staple in a girls wardrobe.


Skirt / Dress


Make sure it’s warm so she can be in the cold weather with tights and a jacket!




Accessories can include a scarf, a handbag, a bandana, etc.


Have a great Christmas!

With Love,


Anne xx


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