Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games

Halloween is the time of year where you can become anyone you want to be from monsters, vampires, witches and so much more. Halloween is the time of year when you want a scare and dress up in crazy costumes going to parties and letting your hair loose to Thriller.


Today I have some Halloween party game ideas for you to entertain your guests while you run around like a headless chicken making sure everyone is happy, all the refreshments are full and everyone has a drink in their hand.


Party Game Number One: Horror Movie Trivia


Do your horror movie research and get some questions to ask your guests throughout the night. Have some small shot bottles with a mixture of alcohol and soft drinks and whatever else you want in the bottles.


If your guest gets the answer correct they are allowed choose the drink they want. If they get it wrong you get to choose which drink they will have.


Party Game Number Two: Magic Potions


Have a tray full of magic potion bottles. In these bottles there should be a wide variety of drinks. On the neck of the bottles have a label with an activity. Once the guest have drank the drink they MUST complete the action.


This will be a fun activity for people to do when the night progresses and the alcohol you have in the house has begun to disappear! Drunk people are so much easier to convince to do odd activities!


Party Game Number Three: Halloween Feel Box


This party game is great for both children and adults.This is a fun game to spook some people out and get their imaginations running wild.


Get them to stick their hand into a box and feel around. They must guess what is inside the box. Here are some ideas to freak people out:


                         Peeled grapes = Eye Balls


                         Spaghetti = Brains or intestines


Party Game Number Four: Eyeball Beer Pong


Just like beer pong but have the ball designed as an eyeball. Make sure you use a non toxic marker when designing the eyeball as the ball will be going into your beer and you don’t want to end up ill!


You can set up a tournament where a ton of teams go head to head with one another and the winners can get a prize!  


Party Game Number Five: Guess the Villain


As each guest arrives stick the name of a villain on their back.. This is a great ice breaker game for everyone to begin mingling with each other to figure out what villain you are by asking questions that can be answered with either yes or no.


It’s definitely a game that will get the party going and have everyone mingling and chatting!


Party Game Number Five: Movie Drinking Game


This can be quite fun but also can end badly if you aren’t careful! Pick a horror movie before the party and choose either a certain word or object that comes up in the movie. Each time the object is shown or word is mentioned  everyone has to take a drink.


Party Game Number Six: Bobbing for Alcohol


Just like bobbing for apples but instead of apples you can use shot bottles. To add a little twist you could have a mixture of alcohol and soft drinks so when they get a shot bottle they will get a surprise when they drink!


It’ll keep things interesting.


So there you have it! Six party games for a Halloween party. I don’t normally go to parties but if a party had these sort of games I would definitely contemplate going to a party.


Do you have any other Halloween party game ideas? Let us know in the comments below!




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