Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make, Even if You Haven’t Slept in Days

Healthy Snacks for Kids that are Easy to Make, Even if You Haven’t Slept in Days

I think most people that have been around little ones such as brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies, or ANY of the like have thought that there must be some simple snacks to make for kids.

There must be an easier way than buying premade snacks, right? I’m here to tell you there is! You may not have all of these ingredients sitting at home, but a quick trip to the grocery store can fix that!

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These snacks are affordable and quick to throw together when you know you will have those littles in your care. The great thing about these snacks is that they’re not just cost-efficient, simple, and fast, they’re just as tasty to grown-ups.

So let’s stop chatting and get right into the recipes since this is meant to be quick!!

Hummus with Veggie Sticks

I love this recipe because it is filling, so delicious, and it gets kiddos to eat raw veggies! Unbelievable, am I right? This is a personal fave, too. So super easy, all you need is a blender, food processor, or a magic bullet, and a few ingredients. It’ll be done before you know it!


Canned chickpeas

Lemon juice

Smoked paprika



Bell pepper



  1. Drain about ¾ of the liquid from the chickpeas. Add chickpeas, lemon juice, and smoked paprika to the blender and blend until smooth. If needed, add 1 tbsp of water to eliminate all clumps.
  2. Cut vegetables into bite-sized sticks.
  3. Put hummus into a small serving dish. Put the veggie sticks on a plate and serve.

Healthy Trail Mix

No-cooking recipes are a must have for every parent or nanny, because sometimes you just need a quick fix! Trail mix to the rescue!!

Another satisfying throw-together snack for rusher or hectic days is this one right here. The good thing is that you can substitute the ingredients to whatever you or your kiddos like best!


Salted peanuts




Dark chocolate chips

Fried fruit of choice


  1. Shell pistachios.
  2. Assemble.

That’s it. Really!!!

Make in large batches for easy access.

Peanut Butter and Banana Roll-Ups

This one, I won’t lie- I’ve used as part of dinner. *shrug emoji* It’s always a hit, and I’m not bothered by slaving away at the stove for an hour making something my son won’t even eat. Win-win!


1 large flour tortilla

1 tbsp peanut butter

1 banana


  1. Lay out a flour tortilla and spread an even layer of peanut butter on it. Thinly slice banana into a bowl.
  2. Lay out a banana on the tortilla in a straight line down the middle. Add as many slices as desired, but remember that this has to be rolled.
  3. Once the bananas are on it, roll it up and serve!
  4. You could also cut them into small rolls so that there is one banana slice in each little roll.

Chocolate Popcorn

I love having chill days with my son. We spend a lot of time on the couch reading books, watching movies, drinking tea, and eating popcorn under blankets. Our favorite cuddle movie is The Little Rascals.

This recipe is not as quick as other recipes, but it is just as tasty, fun, and simply a treat to enjoy!


⅓ cup popcorn kernels

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp raw sugar

½ tsp cinnamon

2 tbsp vegan butter

⅛ cup vegan dark chocolate chip


1 tbsp hot chocolate powder


  1. On medium heat add coconut up and 3 kernels of popcorn to a large pot. Coconut oil tends to splatter a lot, so I would highly suggest having a corresponding lid to keep on the entire time.
  2. When the 3 kernels have all popped, add the rest of the kernels to the pot and ensure they all get covered with oil. Secure lid on top, or crack it just a tiny bit so no hot kernels can pop out.
  3. Once all the kernels have stopped popping, then the heat down to low. In small increments stir vegan butter into the popcorn using a silicone spatula. Try to cover most of the popcorn.
  4. Then add salt, cinnamon, and sugar, and stir. Lastly, add the chocolate chips and stir until they melt and coat each piece of popcorn.
  5. Serve immediately.

Share with us your go-to snacks!

Everyone has preferred snacks to throw together. Let us know in the comments if you have done these or have other suggestions! We love all feedback and interaction.

Happy snacking!


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