My Holiday Look: From Head to Toe

My Holiday Look: From Head to Toe

Choosing the perfect holiday look is all about balance. You want to look festive and classy at the same time, which isn’t the most natural duo to achieve considering Christmas colors are usually acknowledged to include: blue, green, red, gold, and silver.


I’ve had my fair share of show-stopping holiday looks and I’ve also had my fair share of holiday look disasters. Usually, the disasters resulted from over-doing the festive part of the holiday. Instead of looking festive, I ended up looking like Santa Claus, himself, threw up all over me! Yuck!


This year will be different, though! I think I’ve found the perfect outfit for my holiday look and I want to share with all of you.


Photo Credit: Kayla Brasel


Hair and Makeup


For my hair, I’m going to a softly tousled, curly look! I achieve this by curling my hair the night before, putting in lots of hairspray, and sleeping on it overnight. When I wake up I brush through my hair and then use my hands to help the curls form again. This makes the curls less defined and more natural-looking, giving you more of a soft and pretty look.


As far as makeup is concerned, I’m going to stick with the darker red colors. I’ll do my foundation like I usually do. Then, I’ll use a medium reddish/pink color to cover my eyelid, a darker burgundy for the corner and crease, and a very light, bright, and sparkly white/cream for the inner corner of my eye. I’m going to go bright red for the lips, too!


Pro-tip: If you really want to sparkle and shine this Christmas, you could absolutely use a highlighter to give yourself a Holiday Glow!


This will all work really well together because I’m getting the festive Christmas colors into the outfit without them being overbearing.


The Outfit

Photo Credit: Kayla Brasel


I’m going with a little black dress with a high neckline for my Holiday look because it’s neutral and classy. The black dress is what allowed me to be able to go all out on my makeup colors- it helps keep the balance in order.


I really like this dress in particular because it’s more elaborately made than it seems to be. The top of the dress has a high neckline and has a pattern in the embroidery that creates texture and interest so it doesn’t look like any other little black dress. The back of the dress is stunning, too, because it dips into a low (but not too low) V.  I feel like the length of the dress is tasteful, as well!


Another nice thing about choosing a dress for my Holiday look is that I can customize it depending on the weather. If it’s cold, I can add tights! Temperature is a big factor for me when choosing outfits because I would much rather be able to add layers than be uncomfortably warm in a sweater.


Photo Credit: Kayla Brasel


For my shoes, I’m going for neutral tan flats so I can be comfortable, but also not look too flashy.

My Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Look

As I mentioned before, I think your best bet is going to be taking it easy on all the festive colors. Try to choose only one or two to incorporate into your outfit. If you do that, the Christmas colors will be more of a focal point!


I’ve noticed that Holiday looks tend to look more put together when only a few pieces of the outfit are in the Christmas color scheme. For example, in my outfit, I only have the red makeup. This works really well in the case of my outfit because there’s nothing (since my dress is black and the shoes are neutral) to take away attention from the red!


If you really want to wear something in a Christmas color, I’d recommend only choosing one thing in that color (whether it be a shirt, dress, jacket, skirt, or pants) so that the color doesn’t become too overbearing.


However, you can definitely accessorize with that color to your heart’s content (in addition to the colored piece you’re already wearing). Shoes, handbags, jewelry, hats, and scarves are all wonderful ways to get an extra pop of color into your outfit.


Most importantly, you need to consider the activities of the day when choosing your Holiday look. If your family is having an ugly Christmas sweater contest, you probably better wear an ugly Christmas sweater! If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking for some reason, I’m sure you’re not going to want to be caught dead in high heels!


If you weigh all the factors and options when choosing your Holiday look, I’m sure you’ll be delighted with how it turns out!


Happy Holidays!!


Speak soon!



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