How Keeping Different Journals Help Me in Different Ways

There are many benefits when it comes to putting your thoughts down on paper. Mental health improvement is one of the most common benefits of journal writing. This is my experience as well. It is a fantastic way to unleash your thoughts in whatever way you find helpful.

There are so many options for types of journals and they all have their own special qualities that make them such great investments. There are many to choose from, including bullet journals, which have a little bit of everything.  

If you need any reason to start journaling, maybe I can be the one to convince you.

To-do list

Ahh, it’s the trusty ‘to-do’ journal. I don’t use every one of these journals every day, but I do use my ‘to-do’ every day.. when I remember, that is. Hah

Some might think ‘to-do’ lists are overrated, but if they help you then they’re not overrated. They also tend to help me a lot in my personal life. I’m a stay at home mother, so the days really bleed into one another if there’s not much to do.

I’ve found that on the depressing or unmotivated days, this journal helps me the most. It could mean writing the very simplest of tasks to do and then just marking them off. It’s a great tangible item that can help ground you, and help you to start putting your thoughts into small tasks..

Another list that I love to have(not necessarily a journal), is a shopping list. As a person who tends to have social anxiety in many situations, having a shopping list is paramount.

Being in a grocery store surrounded by all types of people  makes me really nervous, and I’m not afraid to admit that. Usually I get anxious on the drive there  but then once I get there I’m not feeling too bad, but I can still lose my bearings and completely forget everything I need.

Having a list helps ground me, whether it’s a to do list or a grocery list. The lists keep me productive and organize the crazy number of tasks on my mind.


A diary is pretty self-explanatory to why it can help a person. You can get all your thoughts out, be able to put concepts into words, and spill all the things you wouldn’t tell a person. They’re also  interesting to look back on.

One of my favorite things to do with journals once I’ve finished them is to put them in shoe boxes. I keep one box per year that I put momentos, polaroids, and my yearly calendar in. Sometimes I even add a favorite perfume or candle that holds a special memory from that year.

Honestly, I’ve tried to be a journal writing person since I was about 7 years old, and I just can’t seem to be consistent with them. I often get into a phase of writing  everyday for a few weeks or months, but then life just happens and I fall off the wagon.

Sometimes I feel my mental health needs a journal more than other times. When I’m going through an especially difficult or depressing time with a lot of anxiety , writing in a diary makes me slow my thoughts down and take a step back.

I tend to be a person that lets things build up inside of me for a long time until it is a real burden on my heart and mind. Having a diary around to write in, even if it’s only a few sentences, is a comforting feeling. More than that, keeping it near my bedside creates such a relaxing environment for my nightly routine.


This journal is my favorite one of the bunch because this is where my creativity gets unleashed. Whenever I’m having one of those “Ah ha!” moments, I try to write, draw, or express them in the most accurate way; so if I want to create something later from it, I can get back into that headspace easily.

This one is pretty similar to the last journal I will speak about. The major difference is that I like to keep one journal for my art inspiration, and another for songs, poems, and other random writings.

In fact, several of these journals I’ve had for many years, but just haven’t filled out every page. What can I say? I’m sentimental.


I found this beautiful goals journal at Hobby Lobby, the land of magical creativity. I had been looking for a new journal that I could write ambitions and tasks that I want to accomplish. I wasn’t expecting to find something as perfect as this, but I got lucky.

It’s really great in helping to keep me accountable. Sometimes I lose track of my goals, but this helps me to keep them in the forefront of my mind.

I swear, I rival the world’s worst twenty-three-year-old memory, but writing things down helps me a lot. It’s a simple affirmation that helps put thoughts into actions.

Creativity, songs, and poems

This is another one of my favorite journals, though it’s hard to rate one as most important or the best.

Since I was in middle school, I’ve had one of these journals. I went through many while I was in school that are just jam-packed with cheesy, terrible love songs.

I know they still exist in some boxes in my old room, and man, would I love to go back and read them for some cheap entertainment.

Now that I’m a mom and I have a lot less time for my own personal hobbies, I don’t use them as much, but when I do get that sudden inspiration, or I’m in a mood, I’ve got to write it down.

Similar to the ideas journal, I try to articulate my thoughts clearly so I can get back into the same mindspace. If it is a song, I write down the chords, melody, and any riffs I add in the song.

It’s funny and interesting to see how the songs can change from one day to another, from reading what I wrote and trying to play it over. Often times, it comes out much better than my first thoughts.

Final thoughts

Journaling is an important part of my life, and I’m  happy to be able to share that with you. I hope you have been inspired to get back into journaling or to start a new journal! There are tons of great journals to be found at Hobby Lobby. They also carry some materials for creating your own bullet journal if that interests you.

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Happy writing!


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