How the Smallest Acts of Kindness Can Make the Biggest Difference

In a world where violence, anger, war, and terrorism runs rampant we need to be able to show kindness to one another. Although we live in a world where we try and show that our lives are perfect through social media platforms, the reality is that no one is perfect. We all have challenges throughout our lives and we all deserve some kindness.

I love the old Irish proverb “ A kind word never broke anyone’s mouth.” Isn’t this so true? Being kind never hurts anyone. I believe the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference and this YouTube video will show you exactly why I believe that.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

On February 17th we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day. While I attended school, a week of activities was organized and we were encouraged to take part in doing something kind for one person randomly throughout the week. I saw many random acts of kindness throughout the six years I was in school. Acts such as handing someone a bar of chocolate, holding the door open for someone, placing notes with encouraging quotes on peoples lockers, etc.

It was great to watch how everyone got involved during this week but I believe this should happen every day not just on one day a year when it is a national celebration. Be kind to everyone that you meet because they are fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Each and every day we come into contact with many people, a lot of these we will probably never ever see again so why not show them some kindness to put a smile on their face?

You Don’t Need to Completely Go Out of Your Way to Be Kind

A simple smile can do wonders. You could help someone by carrying their groceries out to their car for them, holding the door open for them, catching their eye and giving them a smile or even just complimenting someone is an amazing way.

We all have our bad days. You know when you’re in a bad mood and getting on with your day begrudgingly and suddenly a random person helps you carry something heavy, gives you a kind smile, or compliments you? It changes your whole mood and makes your day.

We are all in this together. We are all going through life. Our journey through life won’t be the same,  but the one thing that is the same is that we all struggle. Our struggles may not be the same, but they are struggles, nonetheless. Life is hard and why would we make it any harder for others when we could do be kind and make someone’s day a little easier?

Kindness Matters Because We Are Human

We are made for love and kindness. Throughout the process of life we come away from kindness and become hard due to pain and suffering. This is why we need to open ourselves up to give and receive kindness.

Share and spread your kindness starting today. Let kindness take over your life. Share your love and kindness to family, friends,  and strangers. You can make someone’s bad day become a good day by doing a random act of kindness. The smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest differences in someone’s life.

You will never regret being kind.

What random act of kindness have you participated in? Let us know!

With love,

Anne xxx

About The Author…

Anne is from Ireland where she is taking time off after school to focus on her mental health. She is also an assistant at Quiet Nonsense and runs her own blog with topics including travel, mental health and so much more. Anne dreams of/ is working towards becoming a professional blogger.

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