I Miss The Snow

I miss the snow.



Only slightly heavier than a feather

Falling perfectly on the ground.

Fitting into each other like tiny puzzle pieces.

There are whispers in houses as they watch it cover

the trees.

I’ve seen this scene so many times;

No matter how far, I can’t get it out of my mind.

I miss the snow.

I used to see it for many months a year.

Now it only happens about once, being here.

It never stays for children to play.

The birds won’t see it for more than a day.

But I guess most of ya’ll in these parts

Don’t mind missing the cold; it won’t hurt your


They don’t understand the beauty of four full, even seasons.

I wish I could explain to them all the wonderful reasons.

I must begin by showing them the sights,

How the snow reflects the sun, oh so bright.

When there are two feet of snow, yet the sun still


And you’re stuck in school, oh how the heart pines.

You just can’t wait to go home so you can play in

the snow,

With your friends and your sleds and your snow

boots in tow.

You whoosh past them going down the hill,

Gliding through the air, what a sharp, exciting


You make snowballs and snow angels and

snowmen and forts.

You take shelter and shake off on the

snow-covered porch.

Then, when you’re noses are red and there’s snow

in your socks,

You warm up inside with hot chocolates.

You watch movies, play board games, eat home

baked sweets,

Watch the snow keep falling; it’s such a treat.

When you have nowhere to go and great company,

And it’s a winter wonderland, all blizzardy.

Events are canceled, but it doesn’t matter,

Because there’s a peace in the soft, happy chatter.

I miss the snow.

I miss the cold.

I miss the crisp wind that tightens the skin on your face.

I miss the heavy drapes of snow covering the

streets on a Sunday morning when you wake up.

I miss the white landscapes seen from the tops of

the mountains.

I miss watching the snow melt and spring bloom in

the trees,

Perennials popping up to catch their breath after a

long season.

The wintertime is just as beautiful and magical as

the spring.

One day I’ll visit again, and we’ll go to a cabin.

It’ll be snowing and we’ll sit in front of the


My son will go outside and play with his cousins.

For the moment, nothing will be wrong in the


For the moment, all will be perfect and lovely.

I miss the snow.


About The Author…

Briggy (Brigetta) Jones is an easy-going, art loving boy mom and dog mom. She loves to make music with her trusty guitar, create art, cook vegan food, and write. She enjoys going to farmers markets and exploring the city of Dallas with her husband. Briggy joined The Quiet Nonsense team to focus her skills and passions into a platform to engage with her readers in a personal way. One day she hopes to have her artwork displayed all over the world.

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