How To Be An Introvert With A Healthy Social Life

How To Be An Introvert With A Healthy Social Life

Blurring the lines of social isolation and introversion is easier than you think. It’s all about finding that perfect mix of carving out alone time and peeping out of your shell every once in awhile.


This is a difficult thing to balance as an introvert and I don’t blame you if you’d rather curl up on the couch with a good book and pretend you never read this article! However, it’s also important to consider the other people out there who care about you and the fact that healthy social lives are incredibly important part of human morale.


Social Outings

Most introverts find being in public exhausting. Not only is it a ton of social interaction in a very short amount of time, but it can also be very overwhelming.


There was a time I hated being in restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping malls, because of the overwhelming amount of people. All I wanted was to be alone in my room, surrounded by my own thoughts, where all I had to worry about was me, myself and I.


This, of course, caused me to isolate myself, but, as soon as I started to realize the world had a lot for me to discover, I started exploring more and being fearful less. I started having more of a social life.


While I still enjoy being alone, going out and being around people has gotten less and less draining the more that I’ve made myself do it. It’s come to  to the point now that I really like going out and getting my fair share of social exposure.


If you’re a super-introvert who really dislikes being around all the people that public places present, try to set goals for yourself! Make it a goal to go inside Starbucks to get your coffee instead of just using the drive through. Or encourage yourself to go to a bookstore instead of ordering that new book you want off of Amazon.


Hang Out With Your Friends

Introverts tend to have a small core group of friends that they can trust with their life. I know that I do! Making sure to develop these relationships and go out with friends a few times a month is a definite MUST to ensure you’re not withdrawing too far.


If you have some really good friends, I’m sure they understand your personality type and give you the room you need. Remember that friendships work both ways. If your best friend is an extrovert, you may need to go in their direction a little bit and  compromise to make them feel loved and cared for.


Have Open Lines of Communication

People who have introverted personalities are usually described as shy or quiet. Whether that’s really the truth differs from person to person. I know that I often find myself not communicating as well as I could be and that’s something I’ve been working really hard on lately.


Keeping in contact with the people who love you is vital. Try calling a close friend or family member once a week to stay up to date on each other’s lives. When someone asks you how you’re doing, don’t be too shy to tell them. Work on branching out and challenging yourself. Growth is a really great thing!


It’s All About Stretching Your Comfort Zone!

The goal here is to make sure that all of us introverts can learn to be comfortable in public/social situations without sacrificing the fundamental part of who we are that needs alone time and self-reflection. Every introvert has a different happy medium when it comes to social interaction and I want you to make sure that you respect yours.


I hope this helps!





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