Keeping Yourself Safe This Halloween

Keeping Yourself Safe This Halloween

Hey Winners!


This Halloween season brings us more candy, more costumes and more safety threats. Now, I tend to stray on the side of paranoia when it comes to walking about outside alone or with others so I have all sorts of gadgets, tips and tricks to staying safe. Don’t worry! I’ll limit it to four.


This isn’t a brand deal, these are my true opinions and yes. I really am this paranoid.


Personal Alarm


If you suffer with fainting goat syndrome (dropping to the floor when frightened) like I do, then this will definitely help you. A personal alarm emits a loud screaming sound, startling your attacker, as well as grabbing the attention of any bystanders. It should also cause the attacker to become very self conscious about being seen.


Of all the tools and tips I will be sharing with you, this is the safest for children, which is my main priority when I’m trick or treating with my nanny kids. All the kids need to do is pull the pin and it will go off. Boy is it loud! Sound is deactivated when pin is put back in.


This is the personal alarm I use and it has yet to fail me.


In the past I have kept this on my keychain. Over time the pin has loosened and gone off randomly. It’s super embarrassing when it happens in the middle of the store, so I’ve retired it to a pocket in my purse.

Stay Safe With Mace


Please do not give this to your child without strict instructions. Not only does being sprayed with mace hurt like holy hell, it can cause permanent damage to your eyes.


I’ve been using mace since I was fourteen and biking five miles every day in a less than ideal neighborhoods. Thankfully I have never had to actually use it, but I am convinced the moment I don’t have it on me is when I will need it. That’s how it goes, right?


This is the mace I keep on my key chain. It makes my key chain rather bulky but at least it’s easier to find my keys!


Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date and toss it when it expires. It loses effectiveness over time, or so I have been told. Also, never spray indoors and in close quarters. Otherwise you are spraying yourself as well. Not fun!


Personal Stun Gun


Since I’m moving to bigger city here in a few months, this is something I have looked into but not actually purchased. The fact of the matter is, if you have a personal alarm and mace, then you should be good on the personal protection front.


BUT a stun gun may be better suited for your needs. If you are a mother or someone who travels with kids frequently, a stun gun would be a better personal protection device. With mace, the spray is heavy but not super directional, meaning it could easily get in your child’s eyes.


A stun gun affords a more targeted defense, but you have to be close and touching your attacker. Mace is usually a three meter stream, so you can be at a distance.


When I was looking at stun guns, this one seemed to be the best option for the money.


Be Aware of Your Surroundings


We don’t need special gadgets to be safe. For me, it’s more a peace of mind if someone ever were to catch me off guard. The best piece of advice I can give you is stolen from my boyfriend’s mother.


“Be aware of your surroundings and know where your exits are.”


This is a dangerous day and age. You need to stay aware anytime you are in public. Recognize the signs of dangerous situation, i.e. a van with tinted or no windows parked on the driver’s side of your car, a piece of clothing on your windshield or wrapped around your wipers, an unattended drink, a car following you, the list could go on and on and on.


That’s All For Now!


Personally, I have two canisters of mace, a personal alarm, and three knives stashed in my car and on my person at any given time. I am constantly watching my surroundings and probably way overdoing it on the personal protection forefront to the point of paranoia.


My parents raised me telling horror stories about rapes and kidnappings. I don’t want to become part of those statistics and I never want to see your name on a missing persons report. Let’s stay safe and stay aware.


See you soon!

Lex Laine


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