Merry Christmas, From Our Family to Yours!

Merry Christmas, From Our Family to Yours!

When I started writing this, I was planning on keeping it simple and light. I planned on addressing my followers in one section and my team in another. I had so many plans for this article, but when I sat down and started writing it just didn’t feel right. There was this gut feeling that I had, deep down, that made me want to make this article something more and maybe even something that you could take with you to every Christmas and to every joyful and celebratory moment from now on.


So, before you read any further, brace yourself.


Christmas was magical for me growing up. It was happy. It was the light at the end of the tunnel.. It was like after all the struggles and stresses of the year, the world had finally become itself again.


As a kid, I felt like people were constantly stressing. They were constantly planning for the unplannable; worrying about things that hadn’t even happened yet. And at the root of it all, these people were just hoping for a better day- a break from the storm.


Then, it seemed like Christmas came along at the end of a long, dreary year and provided a relief from all of that stress and chaos and worry. People started to see the light again and they started to smile more. It felt like everyone was decorating and celebrating.


Family came into town, telling me how much I had grown and how proud they were of all the things I was working on and working toward. Strangers came together to help each other in the name of Christmas spirit! It was like all the joy that had been missing for the rest of the year got packed into a month.


And all that time, I wondered ‘why?’


I wondered how so many people, including myself, could remember, and then forget the most important things about life (love, family, and the pursuit of happiness), in such a short amount of time.


There are memories I have of Christmases past where I distinctly remember thinking that I should make more of an effort to see my extended family. Then, after a few weeks, my extended family would leave, and I would fall back into the trap of comfort. I would forget all the inspiration I got from Christmas.


I would forget how exciting it was to sit at a big table with my family playing a card game that my grandma, ‘Great’, always won. I would forget how safe and sound I felt at home watching Christmas movies with my mom and dad. I would forget that all it took to have these things again was me making an effort. .


The older I got, the more I wondered why I had never followed those inner cues and it wasn’t even until this year that I actually did follow them.


It took me going through some really difficult stuff and facing some really serious depression for me to start following those cues and inspirations. I hope you don’t have to hit that point before you realize what I realized.


This is what I realized: All the happiness and cheer that comes at Christmas time is available year-round if you’re willing to take a hard look at yourself and see that your happiness is in your own hands.


Now, it’s one thing to realize that you control your own happiness, but it’s another thing to execute it. Acting on this realization was incredibly tough because I was bombarded with realization after realization of the things in my life that I could have changed ages ago had I known the power I carried within myself.


I started to realize that there were people in my life that couldn’t stay. There were people in my life that I loved and cared for deeply , but they were trying to convince me to believe things about myself that weren’t true. They weren’t empowering me to be my own person and make my own choices.


Photo Credit: Jess Epting


I couldn’t stand for that- not anymore, at least.


And the rest is history. I got some of those people out of my life and things got better. I started to believe I could do the things I wanted to do, the way that I wanted to do them. I started surrounding myself with people who truly believed in me and supported me in what I wanted.


My happiness has exploded since then. I have a good-paying job that I find fulfilling . I manage a team of twenty amazing, unique and talented people. I run a blog that is growing every day. I have relationships that are healthy and beneficial for both sides. I’ve had happiness on a Monday that outshined the happiness I’ve had in entire years of the past.


And all it took for me to get here was to take a hard look at myself, notice the flaws that I have, and follow the deeper inspiration that was basically prying its way out of me.


In the past, when I had tried to take control of my life, it hadn’t gone well. This is because I spent so much time being angry at myself for letting things get so bad, that there wasn’t any time for me to actually take control of my life and change something.


Regarding this, I realized that there’s no point in being angry at myself for things I didn’t know and for not using tools that I didn’t have yet. I did the best with what I had to work with.


All I could do was acknowledge my oversights and move past them.


Although it took me a long time to get where I am now , that’s what I want for you. I want unprecedented growth and inspiration for each of you. So, that’s what I’m going to wish for you this Christmas…I’m going to wish you an awakening– for you to find a way for you to get to where you want to go. Because, if we’re honest, isn’t that what’s at the very top of each of our Christmas lists?


Just food for thought…


Anyway, little did I know that all of these childhood observations would turn into a much bigger theory that I would carry with me until…well….now, I guess.


Now, if you’ll hear them, I’d like to share more of my ‘theories’ with you in the New Year. I’d like to challenge your beliefs and maybe even exercise your brain a bit, if that’s okay with you. I feel like we have a lot to talk about.


Much Love,



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