My Favorite Things About February (Food, Makeup, and More)

Hey guys!! I hope your February has been filled with more love and laughter and less chaos than January. The first month of the year is always tough because the New Year can often bring new things. But I feel like February is when things start to even out and, man oh man, am I glad that things are starting to even out!

My January was an absolute wreck in big areas of my life, so this month I’ve tried to focus on the little things because those are usually the only things you have any control over. There were a lot of baths had, a lot of pampering done, and a lot of good food eaten to help me get through it all and, as a result, I’ve got some great new favorite products to share with you!

Thanks for coming back to read another monthly favorites article by yours truly and I hope you can take away some new favorites from this list, too!

Beauty Products

Sleepy Lush Lotion

Oh, the glorious smell of this lotion! It smells like relaxation and I could use a whole lot of that in my life. I got a whiff of this a few months back and have been obsessed with it since. Come Christmas morning, I found out that my boyfriend had gotten me both the lotion and shower gel in this scent! (Cue heart-eyes emoji) As far as the lotion is concerned, I love the beautiful purple color of it and that it’s pretty thick.

To be honest, I haven’t gotten to try the shower gel yet because I’m trying to use up the shower gel I’m currently using but it’s pretty safe to assume that you’ll see that in one of my future monthly favorites articles!

Bed Head Urban Antidotes Conditioner

I’m constantly looking for a good conditioner because my hair has been so badly damaged from all the dying I’ve had done to it. My hair is already pretty fine, but because of the damage, it’s even more prone to breakage and split ends.

My mom gifted this to me in a bag full of travel-size beauty products I could try and review for my blog. Pretty cool, right? After trying out this product, I can honestly say that I’m going to buy a whole bottle of this conditioner. With my new job and with the New Year I’ve been trying to put more effort into my appearance by at least curling or straightening my hair a few times a week and despite being exposed to that extra heat, my hair looks healthier than ever!

Essentiel Elements Bathe Conditioning Shampoo (fresh neroli)

This is another little trial-size beauty product I got recently and I’ve been so impressed with it! It’s pretty different than normal shampoo, not only because it’s a ‘conditioning’ shampoo, but because it lathers differently and smells better than any conditioner I’ve ever smelled in my entire life.

Normally shampoo lathers up really well and that’s something I usually depend on to feel like my hair is getting clean, but this shampoo doesn’t lather. No matter how much I use or how much I massage it into my hair and scrub, it never lathers more than just a bit. I don’t consider this a negative point, though, since it smells so fantastic and leaves my hair feeling great!

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Leave-In Spray

Leave-in sprays are a slight addiction that I have. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried at least a million and one different sprays! I’m exaggerating slightly, but anyway, back to the point…I really like this product!

I had never heard of this company/brand, so when I first saw the product I was pretty excited because I knew it would probably be something interesting, and I was right. While most leave-in sprays are a little thicker in consistency, this one breaks the mold. It’s actually an extremely fine mist! Also, the scent is unique and incredibly fresh.

The Grove Chapstick

There are two things I want to talk about for this one and it’s The Grove as a company and this amazing chapstick they gave me for free!

Let’s talk about the chapstick first. As you can see, I got the mint and argan flavor and it’s a dream. Something I really struggle with in the fall and winter is dry skin, especially my lips, so not only does this get the job done, but it’s also a nice experience because it tingles!

If you didn’t read my monthly favorites article for January, then you might not have any idea what The Grove is, but that’s totally fine because I’m happy to give you a quick rundown of what it is and why it’s so special:

The best way I can think to describe it is an online company, similar to Amazon (except with a much less broad variety of products), where you can get household and cleaning items shipped to you on a monthly basis.

Specifically, they sell healthier cleaning and household products from brands like:

  • Mrs. Meyers
  • Method
  • Seventh Generation
  • Caldrea
  • Molly’s Suds

Usually it costs an arm and a leg to buy “green” cleaning products, but that’s simply not the case here, and that’s why I’m straight-up RAVING about this company while feeling no shame!

Keep in mind, it costs 0$ to get VIP status within The Grove for the first 60 days while you’re doing the VIP free trial. After the trial is over, it’s only 20$ to stay a VIP for the ENTIRE YEAR! The benefits of being a VIP member are free shipping, free returns, free gifts and exclusive sales. Also, they give away a whole lot of free stuff– like chapstick, glass spray bottles, and a cleaning caddy!!

Additionally, if you use someone else’s referral code when you place your first order, you get a free 5-piece gift set!

Kylie Lip Kit

I’m not really keeping it a secret but I’m a huge Kylie Jenner fan. I love Travis Scott and his music; I like her drive within her cosmetic company; and I’m genuinely impressed with how dedicated she is to her daughter, despite the many distractions and responsibilities present in her busy life. So, it’s fair to say that when I got my first lip kit, I had pretty high expectations. But to my satisfaction, I’m proud to say not only did she meet them, but she exceeded them!

My boyfriend got me the Koko K color and I’ve been in heaven! I love the lip liners because they are so creamy and easy to put on and the liquid lipstick is out of this world amazing! I will say that the liquid lipstick does not show it’s true color until it dries for a few minutes, so don’t  fret if you don’t like the initial color because it will change. The other amazing thing is how long it lasts. I’ve truly never seen or used any lipstick this effective at staying on all day. Bring on the soup, the kisses, the coffee and 12 hours of running around– you will still have to use makeup remover to get it all off at the end of the day. I’M SO IMPRESSED WITH THESE PRODUCTS!

Spiral Hair Ties

This is a pretty well-known fad at the moment and I’m completely onboard that train! These things are revolutionary for the average girl! They don’t leave a crease in your hair after wearing them for a long time and your hair doesn’t get tangled up in them like regular ponytails– they always slide right out

Lush Bath Bombs

I’m starting to become a huge fan of Lush. I have some of their lotion, bath bombs, soap bars, and shower gel, and to be completely transparent, I love every single one of them! The bath bombs in particular are outstanding.

Lush creates the best bath bombs because they are colorful, smell spectacular, and leave your skin feeling…well….lush! I was given a lot of these for Christmas and I’ve been using them like crazy! What am I going to do when I run out and have to afford this habit? Help!

New Clothes

Bath Robe

Another thing my boyfriend bought me for Christmas was a bathrobe! I’ve had bathrobes here and there over the years, but this one takes the cake. It’s so warm and fuzzy that sometimes I’ll wear it around the house! This one’s a real winner, babe! Thank you!

Hipster Jeans

I kid you not, I bought these from Buffalo Exchange on Greenville Avenue in Dallas for only 15$. I have worn these so much already since getting them and I am in love. I feel like they are hipster-looking without looking too free and wild, you know?

I’m pretty surprised, actually, that I bought them in the first place. I’ve never really been a fan of the whole bell-bottom look, and, to be clear, these aren’t bell-bottoms, but they are slightly cropped and they do flare a little more than I’m used to. But when I saw them I really thought they fit my personality and could be versatile enough to compliment a lot of outfits in my wardrobe!

New Shirts

These three shirts are also Buffalo Exchange finds and they were steals, too!

The first shirt I got was a white button-down blouse with flowers on it. It’s very soft and even has some shoulder pads sewn in! I was a little nervous it wouldn’t be comfortable since lately my version of comfortable is the softness of activewear, but I was pleasantly surprised. To make this even better, it was only 8$.

The next shirt I got was the cropped knit yellow, black and white sweater. I really like this one because it’s versatile enough that you can wear the sleeves down off your shoulders or you can pull them up for a more conservative look! All you need is a good pair of jeans and some sneakers to feel good in this! This one was also only 8$!

The most recent shirt I got was this mint green long, flowy blouse with ruffles down the sleeves. I was a little worried it would look too crazy with the ruffles, but they actually gave it a really nice, ‘soft and sweet’ feel instead. This is perfect for a 50 or 60 degree day when you’ve got things to do and people to see!

Lululemon Sweatpants

To be fair, I didn’t buy these this month. I actually bought these a few months back, but have just now gotten to enjoy the full greatness of them!

They are so comfortable, which is to be expected with just about anything Lululemon, but wow– they are just dreamy! It also helps that they’re a nice light gray that’s easy to match with shirts. I’m sure you’re wondering what I paid for these since Lululemon usually comes with a hefty price tag, but I found these on the Facebook Marketplace for only 30$ (retail was probably around 100$)!


Tropical Trail Mix

Oh my god, this is the perfect snack! It usually has dried pineapple, dried mango and banana chips in it, in addition to usual trail mix ingredients, to give it that tropical flavor. All the dried fruits give it a sweetness it really needs due to the saltiness of the nuts. I hope you guys will give this a try because it was revolutionary for me! (cue heart-eyes emoji)

Peanut M&Ms

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been on a huge peanut M&M kick lately. They are just. so. good! I mean, am I wrong?

Daily Harvest Smoothies

I recommended Daily Harvest Smoothies to our Instagram followers awhile back, but they are so good I’m going to do it again!

Daily Harvest is an amazing concept for busybodies who want to eat as clean as possible. Here’s how it works: Daily Harvest is a subscription-based company that offers healthy smoothies and an array of other healthy items. You choose how much you want, and when you want it, and Daily Harvest does the rest. They send you a box full of smoothie cups already full of good-for-you goodness. As an added bonus, you can pour the smoothie back into the cup it comes in and the lid even has a spot for a straw!

I’ve tried quite a few flavors but my favorites are chocolate + blueberry and pineapple + matcha. Get yourself some of these ASAP! They are amazing!

That was long-winded, but thanks for hanging in there through this and I hope you’ve been inspired to try out some of these amazing new favorites of mine!

Much Love,

About The Author…

Mica Mackenzie is the founder and CEO of The Quiet Nonsense, LLC. She currently lives in Dallas with her boyfriend, Hunter, and their goldendoodle puppy Ted! Her dream is to help The Quiet Nonsense develop into an alternative version of Buzzfeed, but she also wants to get her PhD in Quantum Mechanics so she can do research and teach at a University. Feel free to keep up with her on Instagram.

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