My Top 5 Favorite Songs at the Moment

My Top 5 Favorite Songs at the Moment

I absolutely love discovering new music and listening to new artists. When I find a song I like, I tend to replay it over and over for the next couple of months. It doesn’t take me long to like a song. In fact, usually within the first 10 seconds, I can determine if I’ll like the song or not. For a while, I have been replaying the same song every day, so it’s safe to say, these songs are my top five favorite songs at the moment.

Expectations by Lauren Jauregui

Expectations was released back in October and I still listen to this song every day on repeat. This song is a sultry, soul guitar-driven R&B song. It’s definitely not something you can head bang to but I adore this song because I love Lauren’s voice in it. Her voice is soulful and powerful in this song which is really what drives me to listen to it every day.

It’s a song about a relationship where the partner does not appear to care or make an effort in the relationship. Lauren basically has expectations of her partner but wishes she didn’t because her partner never meets them so she’s left hurt and wondering why her partner isn’t being responsive.

The song in general is a heartbreak song and I resonated with the lyrics as it was something I personally went through years ago. I think the song describes exactly how I was feeling and how I wished I didn’t have expectations for this person.

I love the sultry sound and the dark mood. It reminds me of music from Lana Del Rey and Lorde. I also love the guitar breakdown in the song and basically, just the overall production. I think Lauren and her team did an amazing job with this song and although I’m not currently in that situation anymore, it’s still vocally an amazing song as I’m a huge fan of Lauren’s raspy voice.

Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith and Normani

Dancing With a Stranger was released on Friday, January 11. This song is a dance-like pop song about shaking the thought of a certain person and heading out for the night to have fun and to get rid of the thoughts of this particular person.

Although the lyrics are somewhat sad, I do enjoy this song because I absolutely adore the beat of this song. From the production to the melody to the instruments used, although it’s a “sad” song, it’s a great song to dance to. When this song was released, I replayed it for hours the say day and now I listen to it every day.

I personally think Sam and Normani’s voices go well together and they blend in great. I’m a huge fan of both Sam Smith and Normani so to hear a song with both of them together was definitely exciting and fun.

Overall, these two did a great job with the lyrics and the overall song is just fun to listen to.

Imagine by Ariana Grande

This song was released on December 14th, 2018. The song itself is an R&B song with a pop ballad song structure. The way Ariana describes it is it’s a song about denial or basically a failed relationship. It’s about how she pretends the relationship never ended and she’s imagining what the relationship would be like if it didn’t end.

I think I like this song because at some point in my life, I was in the same position as Ariana. I was in denial about a past relationship failing and pretending it didn’t end. But I mainly love this song because of Ariana’s vocal. In the song, she features multiple whistle notes. I think Ariana is crazy talented and if I had to show a song to someone who has never heard of Ariana or listened to any of her songs, I would show this song to her. Not many artists can do whistle notes so I find this song to be impressive.

Her vocals in general are always amazing but I absolutely adore the vocals in this specific song. I resonate with the lyrics but I more so like the song because of the beat and because it’s vocally amazing.

I listen to this song every single day and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves R&B infused with pop.

Out from Under You by Niki and Gabi

Niki and Gabi are twin sisters who rose to fame through YouTube so not too many people know them in the music industry but they are popular through YouTube.

They released an EP last year and one of the songs from there that stood out to me is, “Out From Under You.” I genuinely like this song. If you couldn’t already tell, I love pop music so a majority of the time, I’m listening to pop artists.

They are a pop duo and this song is on the pop side but it’s not bubble-gum pop nor is it infused with R&B or electro or dance. Similar to Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande, the song thanks a person, presumed an ex, for what they have done for them and how because of that, they are looking forward to the future.

The song starts off with how they couldn’t believe they called this relationship “love” but that they woke up from this relationship and realize it was time to move on. This song is more of an empowerment song meant to help you move on from a breakup.

Melodically and lyrically, I really like the song and I think the two girls have nice voices, so safe to say, I am a huge fan!

Distraction by Kehlani

This is actually an old song from 2016 but I discovered it a few months ago and it’s been in my daily playlist that I listen to ever since then.

I didn’t become a fan of Kehlani until the middle of 2018. I’ve heard one or two songs from her but didn’t really become a fan until I discovered Distraction when I was on YouTube. It’s an R&B song about asking if a lover is willing to distract her from her work.

I adore Kehlani’s voice. I think it’s soothing but the song in general is fun to listen to and dance. I think she did a great job with the song and the music video as well. The chorus is definitely repetitive but I think that’s what draws me into the song. It’s catchy and it works so I find myself randomly singing the song some days without the song even being played.

Lyrically, it may not be the best but Kehlani and her team produced the song in a way that you’ll enjoy the song regardless. I love the beat of the song and I think Kehlani’s voice just meshes well with it. Out of all of her songs, this one is definitely my favorite and I play it almost every other day.

My favorite songs constantly change but at the moment, these 5 songs are the ones I repeatedly listen to and find myself singing on a day to day basis. I highly recommend these 5 songs and I think you all should give it a listen or add it to your playlist. Each song is definitely different from one another but they’re all songs I resonate with or can jam at any time of the day.

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