Not a Morning Person? Easy Hair & Makeup Routine to Get You Going For The Day

On the days that I don’t have work or any other responsibilities I can easily wake up, however on the days that I do, it’s a constant battle with my morning alarms. I think it’s a safe bet that I am definitely not a morning person.

I have 20 alarms set in a two-hour period because I do not wake up. At all.

Normally, once I finally get up, I have a good thirty minutes until I walk out the door. Thirty minutes to get dressed, do my hair and my makeup. For someone who can take up to two hours to get ready on any given day (when time allows), I have really mastered the art of “titsing up” (as my mom would like to call it).

“Tits up” means to get ready in a timely manner but also not look like a bum who just rolled out of bed.

Being in a rush, I automatically want to just throw my hair in some form of messy bun and do absolutely nothing with my face. But being in retail, and being in a management position, I kind of have to look the part. Luckily, I have a couple of go-to hair styles and with my makeup, I try and make myself look… fabulous.


For as long as I can remember I have been told that it’s best for your hair if you don’t wash it every day. Also, styling dirty hair is easier for some reason. I did notice that my hair does hold the style much better on the days that I don’t shower.

Since I started not washing my hair every day I’ve learned that dry shampoo is my favorite hair product when it comes to styling my hair. My ultimate favorite brand is Hask, which you can pick up at any Ulta. Putting dry shampoo in my hair adds texture and volume for a quick hairstyle when I am running out of time.

Double Braids with Buns

If you’re able to braid your hair fast and not care about the messy look then this just might be your new go-to style. I am no master at hair braiding but I have definitely figured out a way for my little fingers and hands to make it look like I know what I’m doing.

Instead of doing a French braid, I’ve somehow taught myself a Dutch braid. How I managed that I have no clue because I wanted to learn the French braid… but hey, it works just as well for this hairstyle.

I normally start by parting my hair in the middle, then I pick a side to start and go to town braiding my hair. Once I get close to the end, instead of finishing it out as a braid, I just make a messy bun at the bottom. After finishing both sides, I tug a little on both of the braids to loosen them up and make them look more lived-in.

I find the messy look suits me more but you don’t have to tug on the braids if you don’t want to.

Half Up-Half Down Pony Tail

This hairstyle sounds pretty easy to do… and that’s because it is! This is probably my most common go-to hair do because it’s the easiest out of all.

Normally, when I get up, I just find the nearest hair-tie and put half my hair up and I’m done. I do pull out my wispies and baby hairs to give it that lived in look that I really like. However, if I want to dress this style up, I add a small braid into the up do and use a scrunchie to give it some flare… because who doesn’t love a good ol’ scrunchie?

Space Buns

For the mornings that I want to add a little bit of edge to my look, I always go with space buns.

If you’re unsure of what they are, they’re two buns on either side of your head. Think of Princess Leia from Star Wars, except these space buns aren’t braided. I just part my hair down the middle and take each section and make a messy bun.

Voila! It’s super quick and easy and usually takes me less than 5 minutes to do each space bun.


Having to learn to do my makeup fast and efficiently has been a long battle for me. I remember when I first started out doing my makeup, I could spend anywhere between two to three hours just on that. When I look back, it’s funny to think about it because now, when I really want to “bake my face”, it takes me half that time.

Flawless 5

When learning to “tits up”, my mom taught me a method that she calls “The Flawless 5”, which means she only takes 5 minutes to put on her makeup! At first, I didn’t think it was possible but once I got the hang of it, I was getting a flawless look in under five minutes.

For this look the only products I use are:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Mascara
  • Highlight

It’s crazy to think that in less than five minutes I can use all these, huh? Well, what I do is apply my primer and foundation first. Once that’s done, I bronze my face. In order to add a little pazazz to my eyes, I take a little bit of bronzer and apply it like eyeshadow. After bronzing, I add some highlight to my cheeks to give a stunning glow. Then, to top off this look, add mascara and boom! A quick, less-than-five-minute look.

30-minute Look

After finishing my hair and applying what little makeup I use, I am typically done with getting completely ready for work or whatever else I am rushing off to.  

Now I want to hear from you! What quick morning routine ideas do you use when you’re running late?  



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