The Only Outfits You Need

The Only Outfits You Need

Who has trouble buying clothes you can wear with multiple things or that fit multiple purposes? Um…the majority of us, right? Well, I’m thrilled to tell you that I’ve managed to accumulate seven outfits I can rely on consistently in my life and I’d like to share them with you because, not only are they cute, they’re functional, too! I hope you enjoy!


Outfit #1:


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Let’s get started with the look perfect for a chill day!


I absolutely love this outfit because it’s comfortable without it looking lazy. On the top, I’m wearing an old Billabong t-shirt my mom gave me. It’s crazy how lightweight and soft it is! It feels like nothing at all! On the bottom, I’ve got some hot pink shorts going on, which is cool because it complements the small amount of pink on the shirt.


These shorts are formally called “dolphin shorts”; a quick Google search should help you figure out what they look like. I got this specific pair at Rue21 about a year ago for….drumroll please….5$! So, now the summer stuff is going on clearance, run (don’t walk) to Rue21 to see if they have any of that style of shorts left!


Outfit #2:


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


For #2 I’ve got a brand new outfit (literally just bought it) to share with you!


This purple skirt is seriously to die for and it’s from Forever 21 (not sure what year/season, though). Zara Trafaluc is the brand of the top. Although the companies I mentioned above actually made these clothes, I bought them from a second-hand store called Buffalo Exchange.


If you’re into eccentric, grunge, punk, alternative, bohemian, London mod, or hipster clothing, you MUST check it out. Seriously! They have stores all over the United States.


Outfit #3:


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Okay, this dress makes my heart melt. Not only is it a beautiful rosy pink, but it’s also something you can wear off-the-shoulder, which, let’s not lie to ourselves, makes us feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I got this cute bohemian style dress from The Fixy Farmhouse in Oklahoma.


Outfit #4:


Photo and Layout: Mica Mackenzie

It’s time to bring out my favorite turquoise/mint duo!


I just bought these Adidas workout shoes and Athleta workout top since I’ve been getting back into working out. I wear them ALL THE TIME! The shoes are not only great support for workouts (I don’t have any more pain in my feet and ankles), but they are very cool-looking to wear out casually or, in my case, even to work!


The top is perfect for the Dallas heat since it’s loose and is made of breathable material. I also love that this top has a built-in sports bra so I don’t have to change before I work out!


Outfit #5:


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Crop tops and jean shorts are just a classic look to me. This entire outfit is a Buffalo Exchange buy.


See! I keep telling you that you need to check out that place! As far as actual brands go, the jean shorts are Forever 21 and the top is DOO B (yes, that’s the real brand).


I’m going to be honest and say this isn’t the most comfortable outfit that I’ve ever worn, but it’s so cute that I wear it anyway!


Outfit #6:


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Another small town Oklahoma boutique buy (The Fixy Farmhouse), these stretchy ripped jeans and this light pink top are so cute for a casual evening dinner or a night on the town!


I’m usually not a huge fan of denim since it’s just so uncomfortable, but these jeans are so soft and adorable; I just couldn’t resist buying them! As far as the top goes, I love how versatile it is. I could wear a nice pair of jeans, a jacket, and heels and dress it up or put on some sandals and make it even more laid back.


Outfit #7:


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


This black romper is EVERYTHING!!


The material is sturdy, unlike most rompers, and it’s very comfortable. I like that you can add your own style to it by adding some converse, combat boots, heels, or sandals! I don’t find it too much of a hassle to wear while driving or walking a long distance. I bought this at the same boutique in Oklahoma that I mentioned earlier.


These are the outfits I literally cannot live without; what are some of yours??



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