How I Am Able To Overcome My Anxiety Through Blogging: A Story of Growth Through Writing

I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. I switched medications numerous times thinking that was the problem, but after reaching a very low point in my life a couple of years ago and after many people telling me to start a blog, I decided to take the plunge and start blogging. Ever since I started blogging, I have been able to overcome my anxiety.

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I’ve always had a passion for writing but was too scared to let others read what I had written.  After watching all of my friends graduate college and begin their careers, I decided to listen to everyone and pick up a hobby: blogging. However, it started off as a private journal where I wrote down my feelings and my hopes and goals for the future. Although no one else was able to read it, it genuinely made me feel better to write everything down and I loved looking back to see what emotions I felt on certain days.

I noticed more and more each day that the more I wrote, the less anxious I felt. Every day, I looked forward to going online and updating my blog and I finally felt like my life had an actual purpose. I finally felt like I had some sort of control over my anxiety and over my life.

About a year later, I took the plunge and decided to make a whole new blog and go public. Now, feeling less anxious and more comfortable with my writing, I thought maybe it was about time to let people know that I have a blog.

Of course, before the launch, I was feeling anxious but I kept thinking,  “It’s either now or never.” So I went ahead and launched my blog, telling all my family and close friends about it. After seeing their reactions, I decided to officially go public on all of my social media accounts and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Although I did feel anxious during the first week that my blog went public, I genuinely felt better knowing that my words were out there and now people can understand the kind of person I am. It made me feel even better when people would tell me that they related to what I had to say or that they enjoyed reading my blog. I now knew going public had paid off and that my words and feelings really do matter. It was the reassurance I needed to keep me going. I also loved sharing my interests to the world and connecting with others. I loved reading people’s responses and seeing them engage with what I had to say. All those years my anxiety had made me believe that my feelings didn’t matter and that no one cared about what I had to say.

I can honestly say now that my anxiety isn’t as bad as it was back in 2015 when I first started blogging. Throughout this past couple of years, I was able to overcome my anxiety because I felt safe writing down my emotions. My words were something no one could take from me. The more I was writing, the more I was focusing on something positive in my life, and that meant the less I was worrying about my anxiety. Blogging became my passion quickly and I felt like I had something good going on in my life. It made me feel confident, like I had a purpose.

Blogging gave me a safe place to collect my thoughts, share my interests and say how I felt.  It gave me a platform to be able to express myself and to share parts of my life that I was too afraid to share with people I knew in real life. With blogging, I had full control over what I wanted to share with others. Blogging helped me to control my life, not just the anxiety. Blogging gave me an outlet to share my interests but also to connect with others. It got me out of my comfort zone and made me attend events and meetups that I thought I would never attend because my anxiety would always get the best of me. Blogging gave me the opportunity to speak up and gain confidence.

Whenever I felt anxious, I would take out my laptop and start writing. Whether I made it public or kept it private, I was able to cool down and not let my emotions take the best of me.  

I knew I was in control of my anxiety when I would wake up every day in a good mood, looking forward to the day willingly getting myself out of bed.

Although I do still get anxiety, blogging gave me the confidence I needed to take control of my life and feel like I have a purpose. Three years ago, if you had told me that today I would be public and open about my writing, I would never have believed you. I am able to overcome my anxiety through blogging and now, I am a more confident person.

Talk soon!

Mica Xx

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Mica Mackenzie is the founder and CEO of The Quiet Nonsense, LLC. She currently lives in Dallas with her boyfriend, Hunter, and their goldendoodle puppy Ted! Her dream is to help The Quiet Nonsense develop into an alternative version of Buzzfeed, but she also wants to get her PhD in Quantum Mechanics so she can do research and teach at a University. Feel free to keep up with her on Instagram.

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