Practice Makes Perfect: Teach Yourself to Do Makeup Like a Pro

These days, it seems like everyone on social media is a makeup artist. From twelve-year-olds to fifty-year-olds, anyone with a decent camera and the drive to improve can become known for their makeup skills.

The road to internet stardom is not easy and success only seems to be determined by followers and connections with the rich and powerful.

So, maybe you just want to be able to do your makeup bomb AF without having to take a course and personal lessons from a professional MUA.

If that is you, then welcome to my TED talk.

You can expect to have some tools to unleash your personal skill with makeup.

What you need to get started

Photo by Jess Epting

No big surprise but you will need some makeup to start.

Honestly, you don’t need that much. Lots of influencers in the beauty community might disagree with me on this, but all you really need is one or two eyeshadow palettes, a few different lipsticks, one blush, a foundation or powder, and an eyebrow pencil in your shade.

You will also need some brushes.

There are lots of brush sets on the market, so finding some basic, but good quality, brushes is not near as difficult as it used to be.

When looking for brushes, make sure you get these brushes:

  1. Blush brush
  2. Foundation brush
  3. Powder brush
  4. Highlighting brush
  5. Three flat packing brushes
  6. Three small blending brush
  7. Fluffy blending brush
  8. Pencil brush

Set small goals

Setting small goals for yourself in general is a great way to achieve a big goal.

There are so many different things to learn when it comes to makeup, so it can seem very overwhelming when you see all that you want to master.

I recommend starting with learning one thing, like foundation. Spend a couple weeks just trying to perfect the way to apply and which is the best foundation for your skin. Once you feel comfortable with that, move on to powder, and do the same thing.

Learning something new will probably not come right away, but that is why it is important to set these small, reasonable goals.

Set big goals

Just as setting smaller goals is important, setting bigger goals is also instrumental in learning and achieving success.

Some bigger goals you can set for yourself are being able to do all your daily makeup in twenty minutes or less.

Depending on your personal taste, that might exclude foundation, or have very simple eyeshadow.

Another big goal to set for yourself is not having to redo any part of your makeup.

When first learning makeup, you will make mistakes. It’s the name of the game, and it can’t be avoided, even with the greatest makeup artists in the world.

You will have to erase and start over sometimes, and that’s fine! Just keep going and let the creativity flow through you!

Watch Youtube tutorials

Just about everyone in this day and age knows that if you want to learn how to do makeup, a safe place to start is to jump onto Youtube and watch the most successful ‘beautiful people’, as Jenna Marbles says.  

There are quite a few really great beauty Youtubers that give in depth tutorials on specific things like eyeshadow looks, foundation routines, eyebrows, eyeliner, and lots more.

There’s no shortage of tutorials on Youtube about all things makeup, so you should have no trouble finding great information to get you started on teaching yourself.

Some of the most instructional beauty Youtubers that I’ve come to admire are Jaclyn Hill, MannyMUA, Tati Westbrook, and KathleenLights.

There are also a ton of influencers on Instagram that have mini tutorials if long, in-depth tutorials aren’t your thing.

Social media in general is a fantastic way to get a feel for what you are practicing. Plus a lot of them can give tips and tricks and techniques that you’ve never seen before.

Tutorials are also really great if you need some inspiration. Jkissa on Youtube is one of my favorite beauty gurus because she never stops playing with colors!

She just launched her own collection with Colourpop Cosmetics, and I HAVE to get my hands on them. They look so incredible. In the palette she created, every color is reflective of her personality and the colors she likes to play around with.

If you are looking for inspiration makeup-wise, she is where it’s at.

Practice! Practice makes perfect.

You’ve seen the title of this article. You want to know how to do your makeup like a pro. That’s why you’re still reading this.

Like most things in life, makeup skills do not come immediately. It takes time for you to create muscle memory of how to do a simple thing like blending eyeshadow.

Back in the day, I used to post makeup looks on my Instagram.

For how bad they are, maybe I should be embarrassed.

I’m not, though. It has shown me how far I have come. One of my first makeup looks was so terribly done, I don’t think I even had brushes yet.

I just used my fingers and those little sponge brushes that come in super cheap eyeshadow palettes to blend my eyeshadow. I didn’t have foundation. Highlighting wasn’t a ‘thing’.

My eyebrows were filled in so dark, they weren’t even close to my brassy semi-bleached hair.

Now I have foundation that even matches my skin tone and type, lots of brushes that blend my makeup exactly how I want them to, and a variety of eyeshadow palettes with ranging colors.

Now my makeup looks are blended and create an even and balanced looking face.

It doesn’t happen all at once. I think almost everyone who has learned to do their makeup on their own has had a time of struggles with foundation mask(the dreaded line), cakey makeup, eyeshadow that creased on them, running mascara, and uneven eyeliner.

Don’t feel bad if your makeup isn’t perfect. No one’s truly is.

It’s all based on opinion anyway!

Challenge yourself

One thing that has helped in lots of famous people’s makeup careers is that they challenge themselves.

For example, the incredible woman behind Glam&Gore, Mykie, started on Instagram doing the ‘100 days of makeup’ challenge. She gained so much traction and built her skills, which were based on the talent she already had.

Now, she has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 3.5 million subscribers on Youtube!

Some simple ways to challenge yourself are to try to practice makeup every day for a week, try a new color eyeshadow every day or try new types of eyeliner every day.

It takes a lot of time and practice to master these, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away.

Final thoughts

Learning to do your makeup is a great skill to have up your sleeve. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us who enjoy makeup, it’s really nice to not have to pay someone to do your makeup for special occasions or daily life. It’s also a great thing to have skills in if you ever want to become a beautician or go to beauty school.

Happy learning!


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