The Reason for the Season

The Reason for the Season

Hey guys! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Songwriters Eddie Pola and George Wyle had it right. This IS the most wonderful time of the year! BUT, would you believe me if I told you, the reason for the season was magic?

Let me explain

First off, the holiday season is stressful. The end of the year is steadily approaching, and you have yet to accomplish every goal on your yearly list. The end of the first semester is drawing to a close, which means finals are approaching, and you have to finally read the chapters in your textbooks you have told yourself you would get around to reading. In the business world, the end of the fourth quarter is wrapping up and numbers must be on target to reach your bonus or keep those investors happy.

All this, and we still haven’t touched on the fact that you will need to get your life’s recap, or should I say update, put together, before seeing all those distant relatives or friends you can only see once or twice a year.

Yet, this is the most wonderful time of the year! In the midst of the madness, this season forces us to take a step back and evaluate what is important.

The presents.

No, seriously! Just take a look, a bit closer. The theme behind presents is giving. Giving can consist of time, money, items, love, and friendship.

The presents we give to others, ourselves, and the world comes in a variety of forms. Anything between…

-the time volunteering at soup kitchens, animal shelters, or nursing homes;

-the spare change placed in red kettles with people ringing a bell;

-the search for the perfect gift, only to see the pure joy on the recipient’s face when they open it;

-the dependability provided for those we know and care for;

-the invitations to join celebrations to those who have nowhere to go;

-or the blind and random acts of kindness for strangers.

All of these examples display the reason and spirit behind the season. We give. When we give, we create hope for the next day. We find joy in making others happy. We show others that they are not alone and that they matter. We make our world a little brighter, even if just for the moment.

In the receiving end, we share moments and we create memories. We connect with one another outside of our digital settings. We allow the spirit of giving to take center stage during this time of the year.  

Bringing joy to others through the many forms of giving and seeing the joy spread is magical. It allows people to believe in the good and know there is hope for a better tomorrow.

-Get out there and find your local soup kitchen or contact the nearest animal shelter.

-Create cards for people in nursing homes to deliver.

-Be sure to grab the change in your car’s cup holder before heading into the store.

-Listen closely to the things that make your loved ones happy.

-Make the time to call your distant family members to catch up and check on them.

-Go out of your way to make someone else’s day filled with the magic and spirit of giving.

In all, realize that this season gives us the opportunity to come together as family, friends, community, and just people despite any differences. That in itself makes this season magical.

Make the most of it and embrace the reason for the season: Giving.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Yours Truly,

Katherine Davidson


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