What I Sing on the Hard Days

What I Sing on the Hard Days

Hard days come whether we’re ready for them or not. What’s worse, is there isn’t a tried and true way to make the hard days better. Everyone has  his or her own way of dealing with hard days.


For me, music has (and maybe it always will) made the difference. If I can get lost in the right song on the right day, it’s a game-changer. Feeling the music puts me at ease.


I know that when I was in the depths of my struggles with anxiety and depression, sometimes I just needed to feel it and let it pass, while being understood  during the process. Other times, I just wanted to escape from the madness and feel better.


I Sing to Be Understood

There was a time in my life where all I listened to was either very loud, angry music or very soft, heartbreaking music.


Believe it or not, I’m not a huge proponent of always trying to cheer myself up. Humans have feelings for a reason and expressing them is natural, good even. On those days, I sought the simple consolation of being understood.


I would recommend listening to Sleeping with Sirens, Bring Me the Horizon, and Daughter if you just need to get some of those feelings out of your system. I want to be very clear that these artists sing very sad songs, so if you don’t think you can handle that, do not listen to the music by these artists.


Sleeping with Sirens and Bring Me the Horizon are both rock artists, BMTH being the harder of the two. Personally, I don’t really like BMTH’s screamo-style. However, they did release an album called That’s the Spirit, which I held onto very tightly during the dark days.


Any of the albums and songs from Sleeping with Sirens are good, so you can’t really go astray.


As for Daughter, she is a soft singer-songwriter who just knows how to make you feel. Some of my favorite songs of hers are: “Medicine”, “Smother”, “Still”, “Youth”, and  “Landfill”. “Shallows” is another great song of Daughter’s. I only found it recently and have been obsessed with it ever since.


I Sing to Escape

If you’re at this place in your life, I feel you. Sometimes all the bullshittery is just too much and a quick getaway seems like the only way to survive. These types of feelings are just as valid as the ones aforementioned.


It’s just so nice to be able to put my headphones on or get in the car and listen to music that takes me someplace else, any place else. For this purpose, I would recommend sticking to EDM music, A.K.A. dance music.


Interestingly enough, I used to think EDM music was shallow and pointless. Ha! Boy, was I wrong about that. For whatever reason,  this kind of music transports me to another dimension. I feel the beat in my body, running through my veins, and taking over my senses. It’s a trip, honestly.


San Holo is my favorite EDM/electronic music artist. He just dropped a new album called Album1 and every single song is an adventure! Definitely check it out. My favorite songs on the album are “Everything Matters (When It Comes to You)”, “Lift Me From the Ground”, and “Worthy”.


Some other feel-good songs I’d recommend are: “The Study Effect” by $mooth thoma$ and Study Music, “Bliss” by OTR (feat. Ashley Leone) [Cella Remix], “Sometimes” by Kylo, and “Ready Yet (San Holo Remix)” by Sasha Sloan.


What do you like to sing on the hard days?

Leave either the song title and artist name in the comments or comment a Youtube link to the song and I’ll check it out!


Have a great day!




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