Spooktacular DIY Costume Makeup

Spooktacular DIY Costume Makeup

Guys!!! Halloween is just around the corner so today I want to share three different spooktacular costume makeup ideas you should be able to do completely on your own.


I’ll take you step-by-step through my application process and share ‘after’ photos too. One good thing about these three costume makeup ideas I chose is the clothing part of the costume  shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with either!



Vampire Makeup


Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


This costume makeup is the easiest of the  three in my opinion.


Face: Start off by applying foundation that is one or two shades lighter than your actual skin tone. This will give you a pallor fitting for a vampire.


Eyes: Next, start putting grey eyeshadow on your eyelid only. Then, use a medium purple color to fill in the area under your eyes, referred to as ‘bags’. Take a red/maroon/burgundy color and put it all over the crease of your eye and around the purple you just put over the bags under your eyes. This creates an almost reddish glow around the black and purple.


It needs to look really dramatic so make sure it shows up well on your skin. If it’s not in-your-face scary yet, then repeat the above steps until you achieve the desired effect.


Once you’ve done this, take the smallest brush you have, preferably an eyeliner brush and use the red and purple eyeshadows from earlier to create little veins under your eye. These ‘veins’ should go down to your cheekbones.


Next, apply eyeliner to your top and bottom eyelids, following this with a set of dramatic fake lashes. I recommend these lashes and this glue!


Lips: Finally, finish off the look with a deep red or even purple lipstick. You can do matte if you want to look a little less scary, but I’d recommend glossy if you want to look like you just took your latest victim!



Cutesy Cat Makeup

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


Maybe the gross and gory costume makeup isn’t for you? I decided to do one look that’s more sweet and cute just for that reason!


Face: This look is very simple, so I’d recommend doing whatever ‘base’ you feel comfortable with. You can skip the foundation or do a full face with contour and all. Anything in between those two extremes will work for this!


Then take some black eyeliner and draw  three whiskers on each cheek. It’s best to place the top whisker about one or two inches to the right or left of the base of your nose.


Next, use your eyeliner to color the tip and underside of your nose black, completing the look by drawing a black line from the bottom of your nose to the top of your upper lip. To the right and left of this line, put  three dots in the shape of a triangle.


Eyes: The eyes are definitely the most difficult part of this look, but if you have a little bit of time to practice, it shouldn’t be too bad!


Start by covering your eyelid with a shiny light grey. Then take black eyeshadow and put it around the outside part of your eye (not the part near your nose). It will kind of look like the outside of your eye is shadowed.


Go back in with a very light and bright white to use under your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye. Next, get your eyeliner back out! You’re going to do the dreaded winged eyeliner now. This wing is particularly dramatic, so try to make sure that your wing goes as far out (not up) as your eyebrow does.


Then, using the wing as a guide, make a line from the wing that goes over your bottom eyelid and curves down toward your nose. It’s really hard to describe how to do it, so please use the picture as reference!


For a nice finishing touch, comb your eyebrows up so they look a little wild and add fake lashes.


Lips: Nothing is really necessary for the lips, but if you insist on using something then stick to natural-looking pinks.



Harley Quinn Makeup

Photo Credit: Mica Mackenzie


I chose this one purely because I wanted to do it on myself since I already have the platinum hair! So this is for all you blondies!


Face: Personally, I wouldn’t go to the store and buy white face paint. I would get the lightest shade of cheap foundation that you can find because it will look better and won’t get all itchy.


Cover your entire face, neck, and chest with this. Then, take some eyeliner and draw a very small heart on your left cheekbone (reference the picture for placement).


Eyes: This is pretty simple! Take black eyeshadow (I’d recommend cream since we are covering such a large area) and create a black ring around your eye that goes all the way from your eyebrow (eyebrows included) to a little bit underneath the bags of your eyes.


Lay it on thicker in the center and lighter the further you get from your eye. On your right eye, take a small brush and make a swipe with the black cream shadow from your forehead to underneath your cheekbone (reference photo for help).


Lips: The lips are a very deep, dark red with streaks that go almost all the way to your ears on each side (reference the picture for help).


And…  Voila! You’re done!


Now, I wouldn’t call myself makeup savvy, but I think these are some pretty simple costume makeup looks to replicate! Take some time to practice it before Halloween if you’re really nervous, but I’m sure you will look great!


We would LOVE to see your Halloween looks! Post the pictures in the comments!!!


Speak soon!




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