Surviving the Holidays With Your Family

Surviving the Holidays With Your Family

Ah, the holidays. A time of year in which families come together to celebrate something important to them: presents, food, and, of course, family!


From Christmas to Thanksgiving to Easter, each holiday is celebrated differently, though each one has something not so festive in common. These supposed happy and joyful occasions come with a huge, heaping dose of family arguing.


They tend to have a way of making our blood boil in a way no one else can. Forget “All’s fair in love and war”! I’m coming after you Lex, you bossy, overprotective bitch!


We’re getting off point. Family can be irksome, as we all know.


Picture it. The table is set with more food than any army could eat. Everyone is sitting around the table waiting for someone to carve the turkey with big smiles, full wine and apple cider glasses, and a crisp clean tablecloth to tie it all together.


We are about to stuff our faces- You, me, August, Lex- all of us. Just a general smorgasbord.


But what came before this? We all know a Thanksgiving meal takes several hours to prepare with family you see everyday and family you see maybe once or twice a year growing hungrier and hungrier by the hour. And with those you see once or twice a year, maybe there’s a little tension.


Actually scratch that. There’s a lot of tension. Here are a few tips and tricks to handling the chaos and preventing another family scandal. Yes, Aunt Hilda, I’m pansexual. Shocker, shocker. Get over it.


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Family Survival Tips


  1. Breathe. In these tense situations it’s pretty easy to become overwhelmed and panicked. Step outside and count to ten. Sing your favorite song while you’re out there, or even play with the dog. When you’re calmer, go back inside and see what needs to be done.
  2. Drink lots of water. When you’re hydrated, it’s easier to keep a clear mind. Not to mention you get more bathroom breaks. I’ll let you decide which reason is your motivation to pick up that extra glass of cider.
  3. Look at the situation as a whole and see what might be most easily fixed. Slip into the living room full of screaming relatives who are upset with your cousins for breaking another family heirloom and help fix it or clean it up. Go to the kitchen to help cook. Or stick to the corner with your nose in a book.  
  4. If you see tension arising or an argument about to break loose, remember steps one and two. Make sure you are okay before trying to help anyone else, or you’ll only end up hurting yourself. Also realize that getting involved may make you part of the argument, so be prepared.
  5. Lastly, if you’re an introvert, like me, and being backed into a corner by Aunt Hilda sounds like the seventh circle of hell, don’t worry. Excuse yourself to the bathroom or say someone needs help in the kitchen. I’m not saying to abandon catching up with family, even if it means actually interacting with people. Just do what is best for you.


If you’re like Lex and August, you might not even go to these family events often, so make it count when you are there! It’s stressful, but ultimately worth it, right? This is one day and you are with your family.


Even if there’s yelling, there also comes laughter and happy memories. No family is perfect, so don’t try to be. Be loud, messy, silly and clumsy. It’s these things and more you should be grateful for, because that’s what makes your family unique and close knit.


Do what you can to survive those not so great moments so that when you do sit down around the table to stuff your face, you can look around and smile.


See you guys soon and good luck.


Kait Arie <3


Come back tomorrow for 25 cleaning tips to get your house spic and span before company arrives!


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