Taking Time to Jump in the Leaf Piles

Taking Time to Jump in the Leaf Piles

I chuckled. I actually chuckled the first time I saw this article title and, honestly, it’s a bit sad it’s come to that. Should it be this hard to enjoy the small things in life? Surely not. Maybe we’re just a little over-conditioned to the monotony and bullshit of everyday life and run down by time.


That’s what I wonder, at least…


I don’t think we realize exactly how much there is to celebrate about life until the moments have passed. You know, I’ve been caught up so much in this blog, work, having a puppy, trying to build a strong relationship with my boyfriend, and working on improving myself, that I almost didn’t realize how much good has happened lately.


For example, I was on my way to an appointment last week and I almost started crying because it hit me that I’m actually getting to live my dream. Creating this blog, building this team, getting to know everyone, and seeing all the hard work pay off was something that I only dreamed about a few months ago.


But, now, it’s my reality. I get to live my dream every single day and I’m so thankful for that. It’s one thing to be able to think up and attempt to create your dreams and visions, but it’s a completely different ball game when it happens to work out and be successful. It’s surreal!


Since that moment, I’ve tried being more mindful of the things happening around me and it’s led to me being so much happier!


You’d be surprised at the amount of things in your own life that have stopped being merely dreams and have actually come to pass. It doesn’t have to be as big as starting a blog. For example, another thing I noticed was how much stronger and toned I’ve become since I started my new workout plan!


I want to challenge you to practice mindfulness and thankfulness as we move into this Fall season because there’s so much more to celebrate than we think.


Remember, it’s not always a good thing that humans are always moving on to the next big thing. It can actually make us very miserable if we take it too far. Stay mindful and aware of the results you’re seeing in your everyday life! It will make a difference in your happiness, I promise.


So, raise a glass. Here’s to jumping in more leaf piles than ever this Fall and celebrating all the victories along the way!


Speak soon!





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