Teas the Season!

Teas the Season!

I’m calling all tea overs for this one! We have some great suggestions for this winter. Personally, I love to make things as natural as possible, if I am able. I know there are a lot of people that also enjoy doing that.


For this article, I will have two recipes using loose leaf teas that you can customize, and two bag teas you can purchase. I’ve hand-selected some of my favorite teas and tea remedies for those cozy days inside with a good book and fuzzy socks.


Now, I’m an herbal tea junkie so you will see quite a few fruity herbals in the list. I also prefer to not use any sweeteners if I don’t have to, so most of the teas I chose are ones that really don’t require added sweetness.


I use a lot of Celestial Seasonings teas because they are so damn delicious! They are very pure teas with only the ingredients needed to make the tea. No preservatives, they’re kosher, gluten-free, AND non-GMO! What more can you ask for?


I love working with loose leaf teas. They help me personalize my morning cup of Tom(instead of Joe) to what u need that day. From female tonics to indigestion, to detoxifying, to reducing inflammation, to relaxation, to….. ok you get the point.


There’s a lot of benefits from using loose leaf teas. One of the main ones is that you can be sure where you are getting your ingredients, especially if you are growing them yourself. That is a super big goal of mine one day.


Another main upside is that they are in their most potent states when they haven’t been altered, had chemicals added, refined to taste better, etc. You can get some REAL effects with these puppies, and it’s much cheaper in the long run if you can help treat yourself when you are feeling ill, obviously if it’s something easily curable.


Cherry Vitamin C

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


This specific tea is a new experiment for me, however, I use sage and echinacea a lot when I want a little jump for my immune system. This one tastes great and is perfect for that sicky morning resting on the sofa under blankets.




Orange slices


1 tbsp sage loose leaf

2 tbsp echinacea loose leaf

1 bag Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Herbal Tea




Using a very fine diffuser tea pot or container, place loose leaf and tea bag into straining area. Shake it in a sink until the smallest leaves have been sifted out of the strainer.


Then place the tea bag into the strainer and pour enough hot water into your container to fill over the leaves.


Let step for 20 minutes, and remove the tea bag. Then you can remove the strainer and clean it.


At this time, you can either place it in your refrigerator for cold tea, or you can place some of the tea in a small boiling pot to reheat. I prefer this one to be cool, but you can prepare it however you like.


Turmeric Detox

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


This recipe is another remedy-type tea. Turmeric has an unending list of benefits when consumed both daily and occasionally. It’s a fantastic detoxifier as well as helps your immune system fend off colds, flu, body aches, blood pressure issues, blood sugar issues… I could go on but you can do that researching yourself.


I prefer to grab raw turmeric root, but powdered turmeric is just as effective.


The key to utilizing turmeric properly is actually eating it, or steeping it for longer under heat, and also consuming it with black pepper. Certain components in turmeric are released and basically ‘come alive’ when paired with a pinch of black pepper. Trust me, you’ll want it.




½ tbsp red raspberry loose leaf

1 tbsp chamomile loose leaf/flower

1 tbsp catnip loose leaf/flower

⅛ tsp black pepper

1 turmeric root, about 2 inches long, peeled

Peel from orange




In a small kettle on medium low heat, fill with water. Add all loose leaf and black pepper in a very fine grade tea infuser.


Chop turmeric root into large chunks and place in water with orange peels and infused. When the water takes on an orange yellow color, remove turmeric, orange peels, and tea infuser.


Pour tea into a mug, add sweetener if desired, and serve!


Tranquil Caffeination

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones


This one is super simple, almost as simple as the next tea. I love a good cup of caffeinated tea in the morning, since coffee and my stomach doesn’t agree with each other. A quick squeeze of lemon is the perfect sweetener for this great tasting black tea.




1 bag Timothy’s Ceylon Tea Scottish Breakfast

½ squeeze lemon




In a small kettle on medium heat, fill with water. Let water accumulate small bubbles at the bottom, and remove from heat before boiling.


Pour into a mug with tea bag in it. Let steep for 3 minutes and then remove bag. Add lemon juice and enjoy!


Winter Wonderland

Photo Credit: Briggy Jones



What I love about this tea is really, everything. Mint tea is one of my favorites, any time of the year. When I was a kid, my grandmother had the biggest growth of meadow tea beside her chicken barn.


Every summer we would pick tea and make huge batches. We even brought some from her house and planted them at ours so it could live on.


This recipe is not really like that tea, but the mint aroma is just so refreshing and always reminds me of that wonderful hom.


Last night I tried this one for the first time while feeling a little under the weather. If helped ease my headache and stomachache. Right now I’m drinking my second cup, and I can totally see myself drinking a large cup of this Christmas morning!


With a candy cane hooked on the rim and a fudge brownie in hand, no one will be able to ruin that day!




1 bag Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea




In a small kettle on medium heat, fill with water. Let water accumulate small bubbles at the bottom, before boiling. Add tea bag to water and steep for about 4 minutes. Remove tea bag and serve.


What are your favorite wintertime teas?


Share with me in the comments so I can go out and try them! Don’t keep all those amazing recommendations to yourself!


Happy sipping!



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